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Run increase a checkNow castle upsetThey come for my neckCause they recognize I’m nextI’m keeping it closedThey all wanna knowWhat I got in storeThey tell me I'm chosenWas gone for a minute currently I reappearedAnd currently I obtained diamonds in both of my earsI struggle a glo up on all of my peersI claimed I’m the captain currently I’m finna steerThey know I’m not capping when I say I'm hereGot twenties and also thirties ns pop without fearLong nights in the studio start my careerI’m working and also grinding it rotates I get my yearPull as much as my cityGot 2 bitches through mePosted ~ above the gram looking pretty like heyTold me the she desire me in she kittyI to be smacking ~ above the ass and I’m suck on her titties like heyYou understand that ns smart i be wittyIf friend wanna play gamings then you far better come ready favor heyCovered in the chains and the biddiesLife gets far better when you discovering that you're winning prefer ayeWhat more I gotta say?I to be cookin' up huge ups gettin' paidIn the Cali sun, I've to be soaking increase the raysI'm 'bouta level up ns be chasing much better daysI'll take another one I'ma take it come the faceLil' baby love drugs she nothing know one more wayBut that’s okay, huh, yeahI told her that’s okay cause I love to get high i don’t wanna feeling a thing!I don’t wanna feeling a thing, ns don’t wanna feeling a thingI nothing wanna feel a point I’m also numb (Aye!)I simply wanna sing told em' i just wanna sing, however the laboratory shit starting to obtain too funny (Aye!)Throw me in the ring throw me in the ring in the battle royale i’m a spartan (Yuh)Buying everything I be trying every little thing got some brand brand-new strains ima spark em (Yeah)Smoking the strains I've been smoking cigarettes that gasRipping the carts and they offering me gasExes be speak I’m moving too fastI cut off those bitches currently they in my pastI run up mine checks ns been counting mine cashAin’t trusting the government I pay with cashI understand that ns different yet I perform not bragI play on the 20 ping y’all always lag
Run up a checkNow they upsetThey come for my neckCause they recognize I’m nextI’m keeping it closedThey every wanna knowWhat I got in storeThey call me I'm preferred (Tell me I'm the liked one)