In a smoke-filled room, v bodies packed right into the venue like sardines, a offered out present of people eagerly awaited the main headlining act, operation The Jewels. With their brand-new IPA “Stay Gold” flowing with the lungs of so plenty of people and the energy of Gaslamp Killer, Nick Hook, Gangsta Boo, and also Cuz Lightyear’s explosive performances still lingering the the air, chants of R-T-J to fill the air.

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And the crowd goes R-T-J!

Soon enough, We room The Champions through Queen got to our ears from the speakers and also DJ Trackstar, El-P and also Killer Mike fight the stage in complete force. ~ a quick sing-along, El-P thanked the crowd because that coming and also helping market out the show. They then went right right into it with Talk to Me, followed instantly by Legend has actually It. The crowd went certain nuts. There was something therefore surreal about hearing a marketed out present of adults and also kids alike singing every word back to the band and also screaming “RTJ” during the break in Legend has actually It; it literally shook the venue.


The tape then got in “Blockbuster Night, part 1” and “Oh my Darling don’t Cry”. Aside from one song towards the end of the set, the group ate those 2 songs up. The energy was the highest possible it would ever before be, clearly, they were fans that RTJ 2. the was good to view these two songs played live, especially because I didn’t get into operation The Jewels till the tour cycle because that the 2nd album was currently over. Their track with DJ Shadow, Nobody Speak, blasted with the speakers and Trackstar went off throughout the break. It was really a act to watch him do his point on the wheel of steel.

The team then returned and did a cable of song from RTJ 3 including: ”Hey youngsters (Bumaye) ”, ”Stay Gold”, ”Don’t acquire Captured”, ”Panther like a Panther”, and ”Everybody continue to be Calm”. El-P walk a really funny little on spoken word poetry right prior to getting right into “Panther” and also rocking the stage. The way Killer Mike and also El-P talked to each other, always lauding every other and also keeping the spirits high, in addition to their interactions with the group to segue into the next song was not just heart-warming and sincere, however it to be flawless. Over there was never ever a dull moment and also everything feeling natural.


Once the low bass growl of “Love Again (Akinyele Back)” loomed through the venue, the group lit up yet again, obtaining a 2nd wind and also rapping the sexually fee lyrics, including Gangsta Boos’ verse as soon as she arrived at stage. Killer Mike then obtained the crowd amped and got all of us chanting the chorus that “Lie, Cheat, Steal”, complied with by castle exploding into the full song, followed up by “Early”.

They thanked the crowd however again, most likely for the 4th time in ~ this point, and went into the emotionally charged song “A Report come the Shareholders”. It was a tender minute to check out everyone sway earlier and forth and put their hands in the air together El-P and also Killer Mike disputed how lock felt about starting Run The Jewels and the struggles going top top in this nation. Lock closed their set with the song that started it all, that started the journey that brought them to where they space today; “Run The Jewels”. The lamp went out, the display was over. The crowd to be still thirsty for more. That’s once the run The Jewels went back to the stage to execute two more songs; “Close her Eyes (and count to fuck)”, and “Down”. Closing v “Down” was a great way to relax all the energy, tension and also emotion carried out from the explosive, bombastic set list.

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Overall Thoughts:

The display was certain amazing. RTJ were able to keep the crowd involved through the entire display while rapping their hearts out. Trackstar complimented their energy extremely well and also his an abilities on the turntable certainly did not go unnoticed. Ns would certainly go see them again, simply to be surrounding by the crowd and also energy. Largely everyone was very polite and helped each other out when it involved anyone dropping something or fallout’s down. It to be also great to hear El-P mention that his family members was in attendance. Overall, the present was brilliant, power unmatched and also crowd unwavering. Perform yourself a favor and catch castle whenever girlfriend can.