Even by the principles of sad country songs, “Blue eye Crying in the Rain” is one dingy tune. The singer kisses his love goodbye, learning he’ll never see she again. As he sings it, he’s currently an old man who never discovered true love again and looks front to conference her in heaven.

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The Song…

Fred climbed wrote the song, also the mind behind the successful hits such together “Crazy Heart,” “Don’t bring Me Posies,” “Take this Chains From mine Heart,” and also “Kaw-Liga.”

Willie Nelson…

“Blue eyes Crying in the Rain” to be Willie Nelson’s hallmark. Fortunately, the track skyrocketed his career and also able to cross the principles of the country music enthusiasts. Also, in October 1975, the song ended up being his very an initial No.1 hit together a singer. Meanwhile, the song itself ended up being the No.1 track of 1975.

Willie Nelson tape-recorded the song for his concept album Red headed Stranger, i m sorry is based upon a tune of the same name composed by Carl Stutz and Edith Lindeman and recorded through Arthur “Guitar Boogie” Smith.

In that song, a mysterious driver comes with town leading a equine that belonged to his dead lover. Nelson revised the tale to make the stranger right into a preacher who killed his lover because she was cheating top top him. “Blue eye Crying in the Rain” right the principle of the album, together it finds the stranger thinking earlier to his lost love.

Roy Acuff…

On the other hand, this somber hit to be an original interpretation of “The King of nation Music Roy Acuff.” the recorded and released the song in 1947. And also with his solid emotion he the end poured recording the song, it allows him come be taken on by country music lovers.

Roy Acuff, that was Rose’ companion in the music publishing agency “Acuff-Rose Music,” was the first to record the song. He exit it together a single in 1947 credited to Roy Acuff and His Smoky hill Boys. In ensuing years, numerous other artists recorded the song, including Roger Whittaker, Gene Vincent, and Slim Whitman.

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