Guitarist Max Helyer first played the riff to Josh Franceschi while on the Warped Tour in 2012. The You Me At Six vocalist told Kerrang! magazine: "I remember thinking, "That"s precisely what I desire on this album." We collectively wanted Max and Chris to come up via riffs that were even more anthemic."
Franceschi sassist about the song"s meaning: "Lyrically this is just one of the just negative songs. I felt exceptionally claustrophobic at that time in my life. Sometimes as an individual, you should provide yourself room to breathe, and also to discover some answers and clarity."
Franceschi told Billboard magazine: "The song was composed at a confmaking use of time, and also I felt we/I just essential a fresh begin musically. New people gotten in my life roughly that time and adjusted my totality perspective on music and also reignited my love for it."
The Tom Welsh directed video attributes the team onstage and also off it. According to Billboard, the clip was shot across 48 mirrors approximately the world.

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