The Romania national Football team to represent Romania football Federation in the global association soccer team. Th Romania team was created as a nationwide football team in 1930. This team is nicknamed the Tricilori in the Flag of Romania.

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The nationwide football team association surname is Federatia Romana de Football and also its Confederation UEFA. The team qualified for the FIF|A world Cup for the nations. Also, they had qualified because that number Olympic Games.

This team took the component in the an initial FIFA human being Cup in 1930. In fact, that is the first world cup team. Also, they got to the critical eight world Cup team in 1972 and also 1960, additionally qualified Cup for 2016, 2008, 1996 and 1984 years of the tournaments.

At the first World Cup 1930, Romania team very first match won against Peru team, 3-1. This team has played the next world cup in 1934 after ~ winning versus Yugoslavia 2-1. Respectively, therefore the same way, they were playing the human being Cup international match.

Romania nationwide Football team details details


Romania national Football team

Here, Romania football league information details football lover will certainly get. So, follow around Romania football team.

Football team nickname: Tricolorii

Confederation Name: UEFA Europe

Sub-confederation name: not known

Association that this team: Federatia Romana de Fotbal and also short name (FRF)

Head of the coach: Christoph Daum

Team captain: Vlad Chiriches

Top Scorer of this team: Gheorghe Hagi Adrian Mutu

FIFA code: ROU

Present rankings the FIFA: 46 Number positions.

Highest ranking of FIFA: no known

Lowest ranking that FIFA: not known

Romania national football team results: finest results were quarter-final in 2000.

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Romania football team players

National football team in Romania has more experience and some essential players who play in distinction Football club. Here, the user can follow Romania soccer team player details.

Player name PostDate that BirthClub and Goals
Florin Nita GK 3 July 1987Steaua Bucuresti
Costel PantilimonGK1 February 1987Walford
Ciprian TatarusanuGK9 February 1987Nantes
Cristian Ganea. DF 21 may 1992Viitorul Constanta.
Sergiu Hanca, DF 4 April 1992Dinamo Bucuresti.
Bogdan Tiru. DF 15 march 1992Viitorul Constanta.
Alin Tosca. DF 14 march 1992Betis
Romario Benzar. DF 20 march 1992Steaua Bucuresti
Steliano Filip. DF 15 may 1993Dinamo Bucuresti
Valerica Gaman. DF 25 February 1989Karabukspor. Goal-1
Vlad Chiriches.DF 14 November 1989Napoli
Eric Bicfalvi. MF5 February 1988Ural Yekaterinburg.
Razvan Marin. MF23 may 1996Standard Liege. Goal-1
Ciprian Deac. MF16 February 1987 CFR Cluj.
Micolae Stanciu. MF7 might 1993Anderlecht. Goal-6
Alexandru maxim. MF8 July 1990Mainz 05. Goal-2
Mihai PintiliiMF9 November 1984Steaua Bucuresti. Goal-1
Andrei Ivan.FW4 January 1997Krasnodar.
Florin Andone. FW11 April 1993Deportivo La Coruna. Goal-1
Adrian Popa. FW24 July 1988Reading. Goal-3
Alexandru Chipciu. FW18 might 1989Anderlecht. Goal-4
Bogdan StancuFW30 September 1986Bursaspor. Goal-14

Romania soccer organization or soccer team people club and organization

This team suffered a momentous licking come the eastern Germany in Leipzig under the new coach Valentin Stanescu ~ above 26 September 1973. National team Romania was playing the europe Championship in 1984 in the Franch and also played european team 1978.

The team was playing 1990 people Cup FIFA qualification in group 1. Romania team was the next victims that Cameroon in Bari team. After then, this team missed out on 1992 Euro cup, Scotland qualified climate Romania draw the last match in Sofia with Bulgaria.

However, the team reaching one more World Cup in 1994 the joined States. In this same way, Romania team respectively, come play FIFA world cup 1998, 2000, 2006, 2010, and also finally 2014 civilization Cup team. Now, Romania is play in FIFA for the Romania people Cup 2018 however it is very challenging to play. At present, an ext team is powerful for playing football.

In fact, all sports was off for Covid-19 from February-20 come July-20 but then began all sports successfully.

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Finally, we deserve to say the Romania team is playing as a FIFA World and also international league with the success. And, they space playing 46 number location of the World. Anyway, if you feeling that, friend need any kind of information the world of any type of team so complies with this site. We are trying to give an ext informed the the sports and also celebrities. In ~ last, us hope you will enjoy and also get latest info of the Romania and any team and also player inform.

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