Who Is Scarlett Johansson Ex-Husband Romain Dauriac? just how Much Is His net Worth? Insights about Their Wedding, Divorce & Daughter


Romain Dauriac, that was born Romain Jean Francis Dauriac, is a French reporter who formerly worked as the editor of the French magazine Clark, i beg your pardon covers the urban art world. After ~ leaving Clark, he became a manager in ~ a an imaginative advertising agency.

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He is best known come the world for being married come movie starlet Scarlett Johansson. Let’s dig up more information about him below!

Net worth Of Romain Dauriac, & His Career

With his professional life together the editor of a magazine then and also the manager the a an innovative advertising agency, Romain Dauriac has amassed a net worth that $1.5 million.

Romain Dauriac started his career as a French journalist, whereby he served for several years. Gaining far-reaching experience from the journalism field, he moved on to the reporting field and worked together a proofreader that the French newspaper Clark.

He then acquired himself the managerial place at a creative advertising for sure in France.

The talks of Romain had actually been left unsaid and unreported if that didn’t rose to stardom. Romain ended up being popular as soon as he married Scarlett Johansson, a influential actress.

Despite the then-couple being as private as possible, the paparazzi followed them and also leaked the info of their connection with some images of them gift together. This led to Romain being a famous talk at the time and raised his fame.

Married Life of Romain Dauriac through Ex-Wife Scarlett Johansson

Romain Dauriac married a world-renowned starlet Scarlett Johansson in 2014. Scarlett is a influential personality in the film industry and also has starred in renowned movies, especially in Marvel movies prefer ‘Black Widow,’ ‘The Avengers,’ ‘Avengers: age of Ultron’ and also ‘Iron guy 2’.

They met v French tattoo artist Fuzi Uvtpk, a mutual friend. Romain and also Scarlett have actually been pretty much secretive about their then-relationship. The couple began dating in 2012 and were engaged the following year.

they secretly obtained married at The Ranch At absent Creek in Philipsburg, Montana, top top 1 October 2014. They common a daughter named Rose Dorothy Dauriac. Rose Dorothy Dauriac to be born on 30 august 2014 in new York City, simply two months prior to the marital relationship of Scarlett and also Romain.

According come PEOPLE, your news of planning to wed had broken just roughly after your engagement. Simply six month after the proposal, the star Scarlett was overjoyed through the news of her pregnancy. And, obviously, over there comes marriage for the pair who chosen to keep it a secret for their very own privacy.

During one interview, together for her negotiation with her new family, she stated that she would love to relocate to she beau’s native land and have a well balanced life as a family and also still do a movie every year.


Romain is a much of a an imaginative person himself, and also Scarlett desired a an imaginative person and had a colorful method of spring at things herself. The couple became among the ideal matches as their thoughts entwined v each other.

Scarlett also revealed as soon as that she was discovering her husband’s native language, yet she desired English come let out the piled-up emotions straight-forwardly during arguments.

Romain and Scarlett’s Divorce and Custody Of your Daughter

Later in the summer of 2016, they began living individually after Johansson initiated the idea and filed a divorce in march 2017. After ~ the news of your separation broke out, Johansson, together a functioning mother, asked any kind of people no to talk about their resolution of marriage.

The opinion of other civilization on their divorce is rather notable. Some described that the pair didn’t have anything much in common, as Scarlett as soon as hinted the she didn’t prefer passive-aggressively jealousy people. For this reason eagerly wanting to move out that the relationship, she filed for their divorce.

Romain, seemingly being a small shocked and also worried for his family, inquiry Scarlett to withdraw her activity and negotiation in private. He additionally asked because that residential custody of their daughter as Scarlett would have the ability to have physics custody because that her due to Scarlett’s schedule.

So they ultimately had to battle for their daughter’s custody. In the beginning, the court was willing to provide the full authority of your daughter, Rose, come Scarlett. However, after ~ further conversation of the schedule for raising Rose in a comfortable environment, they concerned a particular conclusion.

The then-couple would have actually “shared” parental responsibilities. Fortunately, Dauriac and also Johansson come on terms with the results of the divorce, and they to be able to carry out it in privacy. In September 2017, Page Six reported the exes “submitted a sealed settlement,” i beg your pardon both finalized their divorce and also resolved the custody battle.

Even after your divorce, they have actually been able come keep fairly a an excellent relationship with each various other as pals that are increasing their daughter in a common agreement.

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Who Is Romain Dauriac? Age

Romain Dauriac to be born top top 3 July 1982 in France. His father’s surname is Jean-Francis Dauriac. His mother’s name has actually been a an enig till now. And any the his family members details and childhood days have not been revealed yet.

As for his education, he went to a local high institution in France, and he later joined graduate and also post-graduate process in massive Communication and also Journalism.