Florida State attack lineman Roderick Johnson is one intriguing possibility in the 2017 NFL Draft since ofhis an extensive upside.

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Johnson is unrefined and still inconsistent in some areas, but he has the physical devices to build into a qualityleft tackle. Right here is the publication on Johnson.

(Photo: Travis Register, brickandmortarphilly.com)


--6-foot-7, 298 pounds

College resume/Stats

--Three-year starter at left tackle

--2015 and also 2016 ACC Jacobs prevent Trophy Winner (ACC’s peak blocker)

--2015 All-ACC first team

--2016 All-ACC an initial team

--2016 an initial Team All-America (Walter Camp)


Passes the eye test. Johnson is a well-proportioned 6-foot-7 and also moves well because that a large guy. The has an excellent punch as a blocker and also shows a tiny bit the a mean streak in operation blocking. His capability to climb to the second level and wall surface off linebackers is impressive. Johnson is also an extremely mature and also is related to for his strong work ethic, which room two attributes that should aid him the end in transitioning come the NFL.


Inconsistency together a pass blocker is the many notable defect in Johnson’s game. That wasn’t assisted by having a revolving door next to him in ~ left guard the previous two seasons and also actually held up an extremely well together a student in the first year in 2015 once he had actually a continuous line come mesh with. Johnson will have to had weight to hold up in ~ the following level and there’s some concern regarding how conveniently he can include bulk.

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Athletic profile

Draft stock

Once taken into consideration a potential first-round pick at the begin of the 2016 season, Johnson has end up being a likely third or fourth rounder.

--NFL.com: 3rd-4th

--ESPN: 149th all at once prospect (5th round)

--CBSSports: 3rd

NFL.com player comp

Morgan Moses

What they’re saying

NFL.com’s Lance Zierlein: “Long-limbed left tackle who has the physics traits that groups want from their blind-side protector, but who is absent some of the human body control and balance the is essential to succeed in ~ his position. In spite of his balance inconsistencies, Johnson have the right to be a an effective run blocker as soon as he gets defenders framed up. Groups will have to decide if they desire to play him on the left or ideal side, but an attack line coach will require to shot and correct issues with his happen sets and also his footwork before he it s okay his shot.”

Noles247 prediction

There space some legitimate concerns around Johnson’s weight and consistency, yet NFL teams have to see a clean possibility that they can mold. Johnson has some devices you can’t teach (length, work ethic) and those traits need to make him a fourth-round choice in a relatively thin handle class.