There is one old African-American spiritual that says, “Rock a my soul in the bosom the Abraham. Oh, absent a mine soul!” At very first glance its meaning may seem obscure, but it speaks to a deep tradition and also a kind of spirituality strategy the has an excellent wisdom.

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Biblically, the “bosom that Abraham” referred come the location of remainder in Sheol, where the righteous dead awaited the Messiah and Judgment Day. That is discussed only when (Luke16:22-23), in the Parable the the affluent Man and also Lazarus. In the parable, Lazarus is stated to rest and also abide in the bosom of Abraham, awaiting the Messiah’s full redemption, whereas the rich guy is in Gehenna, a location of torment.

More generally, though, the image of relaxing in the bosom of Abraham is rooted in the image of a sick, frightened, or hurt child relaxing safely in the eight of his parents (in this situation those the his father). Most youngsters remember awakening from a negative dream and running into their parents’ bedroom because that refuge, to a location where they can rest in security.

Spiritually, Abraham is our father in faith; he also symbolizes the heavenly Father. The old Jews thought about the bosom that Abraham as a place of security, both in life and also after death. Resting in the arms of Abraham meant relaxing in a ar where the angry one can not reach and also where the just rested securely.

Christians, too, have actually taken this image the safety and rest in the eight of Abraham. It find expression in the beautiful singing “In paradisum,” in i m sorry Christians room commended come the place (the bosom that Abraham) whereby Lazarus is negative no longer. One of the antiphons in the final commendation says, “May angels lead you to the bosom the Abraham.”

And then come the beautiful African-American spiritual that included a rocking motion to the beautiful rest in Abraham’s arms. The spiritual life is likened come the activity of a father, rhythmically rocking his kid in his arms. The rocking is soothing, reassuring, and (if one is attuned to it) add to a crucial spiritual rhythm come life.

Yes, absent a my spirit in the bosom of Abraham, Oh, absent a mine soul. In a human being of unjust and an excellent darkness, we require the soothing rhythm that the Father’s love. We need to find out to dance and also move to its rhythms and not be overcome with the tremors and evils the this world.

Consider the graceful dance in this video and seek come imitate the wisdom. Find out to relocate to the rate of the father rocking us in His arms. Find out to move to the gentle and steady to win of oh my god love together He holds us close.

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Rock a my heart …

Enjoy this video, special an translate of this beautiful and rhythmic spiritual. That is a graceful and also exuberant run showing security in god’s love and embrace.

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