The cable network announced Wednesday the it was ordering a second season that Rob & Chyna, which adheres to Rob Kardashian and also his fianceBlac Chyna. Together, the tabloid-friendly pair have actually a newborn daughter, Dream. Season two will encompass eight episodes set to premiere in 2017.

“Rob and Chyna’s romantic struck together a chord with our viewers, who were engaged in your story even prior to we started filming the first season,” listed E!’s executive, management vp, programming and advancement Jeff Olde in a statement, adding: “We space excited come share the following chapter of your story.”

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The premiere episode of plunder & Chyna continues to be cable’s most-watched unscripted start of 2016 in an essential network demos including adults 18-34 and also and ladies 18-49. The series, developed by Bunim/Murray Productions and also Ryan Seacrest Productions, join Keeping Up v the Kardashians and also its countless spinoffs ~ above the E! schedule.






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