Pictured, Rita Masterson Oceanport brand-new Jersey Karen harasses spain man, Ruben Martinez

Rita Masterson Oceanport brand-new Jersey Karen harasses spain man, Ruben Martinez acquisition sunset photos go his dogs, telling him he doesn’t belong. 

Here we go again. A New Jersey woman has been caught on video clip verbally assaulting a Latino male for wade his dogs and taking images of the sunset in she neighborhood.

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The video clip was shared originally by Ruben Martinez, who cases the woman, that outed herself together Rita Masterson that Oceanport started harassing him and demanding he leave her community while to be trying to take photos that the sunset.

I was simply trying to shoot the sunset in ~ 7 Bridges Road as soon as I was met through racism,’ he captioned the post.

According come Martinez, that drove come a dead end street in Oceanport, new Jersey, to photograph the sunlight descending right into the horizon and also as the passed by few of the residences on the way, the dogs in the ar started barking at his two little dogs the he had actually inside the automobile with him.

Martinez states his pets to be in the auto when the stepped the end for all however two minutes to take it the pictures and when he reverted a woman that lived over there approached him and also started yelling racist things at him, informing him come go earlier where he come from and that he’s disrupting the whole neighborhood. At the point, Martinez pulled the end his cellphone and also started recording.

‘You don’t belonging here’

The clip starts off with ‘New Jersey Karen‘ informing Martinez the doesn’t belong come the neighborhood and also that his dogs are being loud.

‘They’re tiny dogs,’ Martinez points out, come which she replies, ‘I don’t care. They’re disrupting the whole neighborhood.’

‘Your dogs are aggravating and you’re aggravating therefore take your camera, take her selfie stick, take your dogs and get the f*ck out of here,’ Masterton adds.

Martinez climate asks the woman her name, without missing a to win the irate racism woman figured out herself as Rita Masterson before giving the her attend to while stating where she lives. He asks her if he has permission to post the video on society media and she responds by saying ‘Absolutely!’ prior to the video clip ends. 

The video is the latest of incidents captured on video clip often exposing usually middle aged white woman (since dubbed Karens on society media) exacting their own special brand of white privilege and also derogatory racist mindsets towards minorities in America.

Christopher Koulouris
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