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After last week’s cliffhanger, It was the smell of a Malty set-up in this week’s episode. With Melty joining the team, I feel we’re moving ever so closer to some answers as to why the Shield Hero is treated as an outcast and the others are venerated. The evilness that is Malty verified to us as soon as again that she will do anything to tarnish the Shield’s name and also erase her sister Melty. Another heart-stopping episode!!

Japanese Initial Title: 盾の悪魔


Malty (or the church) is out to kill Melty as Naofumi is painted as a criminal as soon as aobtain. Naofumi invites Melty to journey with them so he have the right to keep her safe and also the team tries their best to dodge the kingdom’s guards. They are recorded by the various other Heroes and also Malty, only for even more lies to be spcheck out.

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Episode Highlights

Malty Lies: At this suggest I just desire to understand what Malty’s intentions are, going out of her method to make it alongside impossible for Naofumi. Laughably, the others nearly believed her lies that Naofumi used a brainwashing shield to brainwash Melty and also everyone else. It was an infuriating minute. The heroes are so quickly affected by others’ words rather of looking at the bigger photo. How Naofumi has actually acted up until now should have actually been all the proof they need that it would tick over in the other heroes tiny brains. What can Naofumi hope to get from this?

Believe This Crap: Naofumi was not going to take these lies lying down. He butted in on Malty’s parade and stated a solid argument and also his innocence, yrying to acquire the others heroes to think over logically. I was laughing the totality time throughout this part; the look on her face.

Strong Will: Melty truly is a strong character in this series. She pleaded to the heroes and also soldiers to not believe Naofumi had actually kidnapped her. The girl is not afrassist to speak her mind. She melts my heart every time she does something like this.

Back At Ya Malts: RAPHTALIA was the highlight in this episode, striking Malty in the earlier via her magical sword avoiding her assault. AHH the bitch had it coming to her, ripper of a moment.

Round 3: It wasn’t favor the last two rounds Filo Vs Motoyasu. Aiming for his crotch however still sfinishing him flying is all the guy deserves, dumb blonde. SHACKLE MY FILO!!

Second Opening Theme: We obtained a brand-new rocking out opening design template, ‘Faith” by MADKID. This Japanese band also did the initially opening layout ‘Rise’. It’s an additional catchy tune from this vocally varied group.

Themes And Trivia

King Melromarc: It was interesting to learn in this episode that the kingdom of Melromarc is a Matrilineal Monarchy, meaning the woguys in the royal family members are the leading. Their single linage descending from a female line as the King married into family members, that knows of what descendant he could be? But the king acts prefer the substantial swarm right here.

Malty: It’s been a long time given that a female villain infuriated me much as Malty does. I should commend the series for crafting such a hateful character. Malty’s presence half the moment in the series is to be pudepend hated. How can you not, given that all these actions are coming from a power hungry, manipulative woman? This is a character you’d love to provide a good slap and also I’d happily do it, haha.

The Church Of The Three Heroes: I feel they have been a prevalent conspirator against the Shield hero throughout the series as this church only worships the bow, sword, and also spear heroes and also sees the Shield hero as a evil one. As to why the church does it, it still stays a mystery at the moment.


I don’t think I have actually ever loved a series’ eextremely single episode so far. This is brand-new for me; Shield Hero is going to be an ultimate favorite at this price. It’s not too late to say now yet BEST ISEKAI EVER IN A LONG TIME!!. But, haha, the only thing I wanted to include in this comment section was that Malty acquired some simply dessert in this episode. Evil woman, we cannot wait to watch you pay bereason I know I’m not the just one that wishes it.

Malty Is The Type Of Girl Who Needs That Bitch Slap

I was on the edge of my seat aacquire during this week’s episode as the evil Malty at the finish plans to smoke out the group. Fair to say I hate Malty also even more than I did at the phase. The following looks choose one more exciting episode as the group provides their means to meet Melty and also Malty’s mother, the queen – this must be interesting.

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The Rising of the Shield Hero

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