Beat every challenge available in climb of the dig Raider through our finish guide

Follow the course at the northern edge of the map, and also you"ll with this target hanging native a tree by the waterfall.

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Target #6

Check the area with the dead trees in the northern pocket the the valley. Hanging from among the dead trees, near a cave, is the following target.

Target #7

Head for the broken walkway that the cross the river. Under a bridge on the north side is another target.

That exact same walkway extends to the east, but you don"t have to cross it. Instead, drop to the lower valley and also look toward where the walkway ends to view the final target hanging from a tree.

Geothermal valley - bird Play

Catch 5 chickens.

There"s no easy method to map this one, however that doesn"t mean the challenge is an overwhelming at all. Merely look roughly the town at the northern component of the valley to view chickens wandering around. Catch and throw 5 the them right into the pen in the center of city to finish the challenge.

Geothermal valley - Hung out to Dry

Cut down 6 snared rabbits.

Rabbit #1

Take the ladder into the reduced valley and check the various other side that the nearest rock formation to uncover this.

Rabbit #4

Head for the icy water in ~ the southwest corner of the map. Climb into the tree house there to uncover the last rabbit.

Geothermal sink - High Diving

Make 4 high dives.

High Dive #1

There"s a route by the damages Encampment that will certainly take friend behind the surrounding waterfall. The first high dive plank is in ~ its end.

High Dive #2

You can do this dive once tasked with lighting the signal fire. Watch the diving board across the gap? together you climb, you"ll have actually a possibility to drop to it.

High Dive #3

There"s a wood watchtower follow me the icy water at the southern end of the valley. You"ll need to complete the next mission Defensive Strategy prior to you have the right to climb it, however the third diving board will certainly be at the top as soon as you do.

High Dive #4

You can"t complete the last dive till returning native the Flooded Archives - this opens up the ridgeline in the northwest corner of the map. Check at the optimal of the waterfall to discover it.

Geothermal sink - Tossing Gourds

Make 5 shots through gourds.

You won"t be able to complete this an obstacle until return from the flooded Archives (the Trinity soldiers will have actually left the area), yet it"s not a tough one. Head because that the top village, whereby you had actually to sneak or fight your method through come the cathedral, and go to the southwestern corner. Right here you"ll discover a job of gourds which you have the right to pick up and toss right into buckets. You have to make 5 shots: 3 over the fence through the patch, one up the ridge come the north, and one over the fence roughly the house to the south.

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