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Quick Summary

Pros: The whole volume is exciting and also contains numerous awesome battles. The book’s conclusion walk a great job in tying all of the characters’ plotlines with each other and setup up for the following event. The artwork looks an excellent in most places.

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Cons: The heavy number of references to various other comics may confuse more recent readers. The focus on individual stories sometimes distracts from the key event.

Overall: This occasion hits a lot of the right marks however may no appeal to everyone. It has some good action, an amazing narrative, and also a conclusion that builds increase the following chapter in this saga. However, that does not stand fine on that own and may not suit reader unfamiliar with green Lantern-related comics. Everyone with understanding of the environment-friendly Lantern brand-new 52 comics should inspect out this event and anyone quiet interested in checking out this occasion should think about reading several of those comics first.


The appeal of Green Lantern: rise of the 3rd Army, by Geoff Johns, Peter Tomasi, Tony Bedard, and Peter Milligan, will vary based on the reader’s knowledge and interest in environment-friendly Lantern-related comics. If readers enter this volume will tiny knowledge or attention in what is happening with the Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, Green Lantern: new Guardians, and also Red Lanterns series, the entire very first half of this publication will it is in confusing and will market little. In addition, this book’s conclusion will certainly be disappointing, together it is essentially a set-up for the following Green Lantern event.

However, readers more familiar through these title will most likely be happy to see their stories ongoing in a optimistic way. This entails multiple plotlines coming together in an exciting means and a conclusion the builds up even more excitement for the future. In addition, some fun moments of activity and excitement space sure to you re welcome all readers. Overall, this is an occasion for green Lantern fans and may no be the ideal event to just jump appropriate in to.

(spoilers start here)

The opened chapters that Rise of the third Army have blended appeal. The biggest point of contention, in this chapters, is that they emphasis heavily on the individual stories from each of this event’s ingredient series. This means that reader who have actually not review Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, Green Lantern: brand-new Guardians, and also Red Lanterns will be the end of the loop for far-ranging portions of the story. This might be considerably off-putting because that a number of readers, however, it also may be a non-issue for readers who space up to day with everything going on in this comics.

Unfortunately, even fully up-to-date readers may be placed off by the method the Red Lanterns issues relate back to the main event. These worries heavily emphasis on arising the characters and also plot thread indigenous the Red Lanterns series, fairly than contributing to the event as a whole. It makes for a an excellent Red Lanterns story but not have to a good event.

The universally positive feature in these opening chapters is the method in i beg your pardon they construct tension and apprehension because that the titular “Rise of the 3rd Army”. Watching the 3rd Army swarm over people like a horde the locusts makes them seem prefer the nearly-unstoppable foes the the dialogue makes them the end to be. Plus, seeing this take place from the view of multiple different characters in multiple various comics adds come the whole effect.

This stress carries forward into the event’s finale, i m sorry is wonderfully dramatic. It has actually each that this event’s storylines converge into one fight against the Guardians that the Universe and also their 3rd Army. The resulting fight looks an excellent and certainly benefits indigenous the setup in the book’s very first half.

However, prefer the opening chapters, this conclusion may be disappointing because that casual readers. The book’s climax is essentially a cliffhanger the leads directly into the following event. Together someone greatly invested in this series, i was happy to check out this and excited to jump right into the following event. On the upper and lower reversal side, I would imagine a conclusion favor this would be disappointing because that someone specifically interested in the titular 3rd Army and also not really invested in the irreversible success the the Green Lantern series.

(spoilers finish here)


Rise that the 3rd Army has actually some fantastic artwork from a wide range of artists. Doug Manhke does some wonderfully detailed and creatively structured job-related on the Green Lantern issues. The level of detail makes the cases of this comic seem even more serious and the creative thinking really helps lug the Lantern constructs come life. Fernando Pasarin’s work-related on the Green Lantern Corps issues catches some good character moments and likewise highlights a few awesome battles. Aaron Kuder produces several of the best Green Lantern: new Guardians issues I’ve seen therefore far, i m sorry really help bring the drama and also emotions in this story to the forefront. Finally, Miguel Sepulveda renders the Red Lanterns issues look together dark and violent together one would expect them to.

Unfortunately, not everything around the visuals in Rise that the 3rd Army is positive. The transitions in between a couple of of the chapters reason some weird transforms in tone. This is evident in few of the New Guardians issues, which feature too many creative transitions, and also at the conclusion that the Red Lanterns issues, which take the ton from gritty and also terrifying to lighthearted and almost playful. Luckily, the visual negatives are much outweighed by this volume’s intuitive positives.


Green Lantern: climb of the third Army continues the story started in the new 52 Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, Green Lantern: brand-new Guardians, and Red Lanterns series. For much more information on exactly how these comics prelude this event, check out our “Green Lantern: climb of the third Army reading Order” (Coming Soon).

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The story here proceeds in Green Lantern: Wrath that the first Lantern.

This volume likewise references various other comic books, comprehensive below:

Kyle Rayner’s origin story is discussed a few times. This origin story was originally shown in Green Lantern Vol 3 #50.