“How i Met her Mother” has fans sit on the leaf of your seats through its series finale easily approaching. Native wondering exactly how Ted will lastly meet “The Mother” come questioning which character will obtain the last line of the nine-season show, our pond beds are virtually bitten far from the anticipation. But, out of all the theory we could concoct regarding the season 9 finale the “HIMYM,” there’s one plot suggest we don’t also know wherein to start contemplating: will Barney have a ring "bear" or bearer in ~ his wedding?

Throughout the last season that “HIMYM” Barney has mispronounced the word “ring bearer” together "ring bear" -- regardless of Robin’s repeated correction. And also because of his refuse to exactly himself, Robin has been left to think that she mischievous fiancé will have actually a fuzzy carnivore walk down the aisle v their rings.

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In the illustration “Unpause,” Robin finally got Barney to answer she burning question of whether or not he will have actually a ring be afflicted with or bearer at their wedding. ~ surpassing Jabba Drunk, which is Barney’s highest known level the intoxication, the blubbering bro started speaking clear and coherent think -- even voluntarily admitting random thoughts that ran with his mind.

That’s as soon as Robin started taking benefit of her fiancé’s truth-slipping syndrome by questioning Barney once and also for all if he had planned because that a grizzly to make its debut at your wedding.

Without explaining specifics, Barney answer Robin’s aching inspection by confessing Trevor Hudson would certainly be the duo’s adorable ring bearer and that he works alongside Trevor’s mother.

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Hmm, talk about skeptical. Probably Barney knew wednesday be thrown off considering bears don’t generally sport full names. However with illustration 18’s promo rehashing the be affected by each other vs. Bearer dispute we have actually a feeling that Trevor can actually be the furriest ring BEARer in the history of ring doting tots. In fact, many publications have proclaimed their predictions the Trevor is in fact a bear! Hey, us wouldn’t be totally surprised if the was the case. We’d actually be more shocked if Trevor turned out to be a small human boy. Reason being since the promo the "Rally" shows a scene of a guard wade a long chain in the middle of what looks like a cage. Could Trevor it is in on the finish of the metal leash?

What are your predictions? Sound off in the comments section below and don"t forget to catch "How i Met her Mother" when the collection returns Monday, Feb. 24, at 8 p.m. The episode will follow Barney"s recovery from his night the end on the town v his bro-prodigies, but can the crew number out exactly how to cure their friend"s "world"s worst hangover"? The team will set out on the morning that Barney and Robin"s wedding day to hunt far-fetched ingredients to concoct the "Stinson Hanover FIxer Elixir." maybe the only means Barney have the right to recover from drinking the previous night far is by cuddling up to a to speak -- bear?

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