We analyze this practice of death remembrance come service and also user experience architecture to embolden our perspective.

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Where is the steed gone? whereby the rider?Where the giver that treasure?Where are the seats at the feast?Where are the revels in the hall? …How that time has passed away,dark under the cover of night,as if it had never been. — The Wanderer

Heraclitus regularly told united state the world would end in fire. But it to be moisture that lugged him off; he passed away smeared in cowshit. — Marcus Aurelius

Remember, you will die. everyone you will ever know will die. You, as they, will certainly be forgotten. No one will remember your name.


They say that after a victory, roman inn generals parading their legions prior to an uproarious, worshiping crowd, would certainly be attach by an aid who whispered in your ear: “Respice short article te. Hominem te esse memento. Memento mori.

This exercise is not about sucking the air the end of the room. It’s draft to form perspective, to do clear what matters. it is a performance tool, a prioritizing meditation to reduced the fat turn off the soul. Fatality doesn’t make her time pointless, yet purposeful.

“Let united state prepare our minds together if we’d come to the an extremely end the life. Let us postpone nothing. Let us balance life’s publications each day. … The one who puts the finishing touch on their life each day is never quick of time.” — Seneca

We have the right to translate this exercise of death remembrance to service and also user experience design merely by reasoning on the likes that the DotComs whose funeral mounds form the landscape and whose skeleton mortar the foundation of the web. Where are they now?

They simply go whereby your agency goes. Castle just gained there first.

For sectors where the user suffer is the differentiating factor (see aggregation theory), your users’ loyalty extends only so far that friend consistently complete the task that demands done better than someone else. The end-user endure depreciates end time unless you boost on existing or add new features, i m sorry costs more than the previous features to maintain, and also — prefer the body — wrinkles deepen.

This is useful since it is humbling.

Kill her products

In libraries, yes this id system that librarians — choose me — bring deep in in ours marrow the says, hey, civilization love libraries. From this sprout there branches every sorts of small maxims that have made their way into the cloth of librarianship doctrine, such as the one about how a librarian is better than a search engine any kind of day.

But the reason human being love libraries is because of the solutions they provide; and, now, some of these solutions are provided much better elsewhere.

The pressure of the user experience being the differentiator have tested librarians to uncover and much better communicate what it is libraries are to an excellent success — and also what they space is hyperlocal, they’re everything their areas need them come be. Some room communal hackerspaces; others loan guitars; some curate people — local professionals — choose they might books. Some no longer have books, most don’t have actually as countless as they once did. An ext and more forewent library fines, library cards, even. Lock changed. Castle improved.

In some incredibly wide analogy, this was a type of small death. To stop offering a traditional company in stimulate to administer another squeezes the soul; this are difficult decisions. Because user suffer is a crucial performance indicator, and also because user suffer depreciates, survive requires organizations to watch experience metrics like they’re constellations in the night. They otherwise miss out on the signs.



In service architecture the product is a method to an end. If the service I provide is to tell girlfriend the local news, then the product — an inner content administration system used to create the content — is not an end unto itself. The is as useful only as long as it fulfills the needs of the service. As the requirements on the business shift, so does the design of the product.

However, as stoics, we room not married come it. As soon as we compose the an initial line of code, we inscribe one end-of-life for the product in the heavens.

Accepting now that such a product no forever makes it much easier to make the right user experience design decision, which may be to death the product when adapting it come the ever-changing see is an ext detriment 보다 not.

You can leave life ideal now. Let that identify what girlfriend do and say and think.” — Marcus Aurelius

The UX Charnel House

Charnel homes sometimes artfully exhibit human remains discovered while digging graves. Lock bone deposits, grim reminders of our fate.


Consistent user study unearths many of truisms about the top quality of her service. Choose youtube comments because that the soul, we willfully do this dig diggery to recognize pain clues in a customer journey the give an interpretation and direction come our architecture work.

Catalog these well, and also make it simple to revisit the worst that the comments, your negative feedback. This is her charnel house. Visit often.

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You who regularly look in ~ comments that come together with Net Promoter Scores recognize that it’s not the promoters the say anything beneficial — ns love it! ns recommend that every day! — it’s your detractors.

They room the humbling assist whispering in your ear: “Look behind you. Remember, you space mortal. You will certainly die.”