Gold execution of RE7 to be announced recently. Looks favor it will include all currently DLCs and also two recently introduced.

Existing deluxe edition includes base game and also season pass, i beg your pardon unlocks all DLCs together well.

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For me these 2 editions look really similar.

What"s yes, really difference between them if any?


From the summary on CapCom"s blog, this is basically the exact same as the deluxe edition, however with all the DLC top top disc quite than as downloads.

In other words, it"s a game Of The Year edition without in reality being called video game of the Year.


Resident evil 7: Biohazard yellow Edition comes through the full game the Resident angry 7: Biohazard and also includes the Season Pass and Not a hero DLC.

Resident evil 7: Biohazard luxurious Edition comes with the full game that Resident evil 7: Biohazard and also includes the Season Pass.


To me the looks to me prefer both versions would have the same content, because the Season Pass consists of all DLCs the are noted in the gold Edition as well. However since the luxurious Editon comes v a Season Pass, Capcom might add more DLCs to the Season Pass later that the gold Edition wouln"t include then. However that"s probably not gonna happen after every the time, i guess. So, obtain the cheaper version or merely the luxurious Edition through the Season pass if they gained the same price anyway.


there are some transforms in the story mode environment, furnitures rearranged, and coins for various purposes in the safe box, i discovered these in the yellow edition


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