Real Madrid obtained the international Champions Cup started on the right foot with a convincing 3-1 victory over the Los Angeles Galaxy ~ above Thursday night in Glendale, Ariz.

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In former of an excited crowd at college of Phoenix Stadium, Los Merengues conquered possession and also got very early goal from point of view Di Maria as well as a second-half brace from Karim Benzema. That turned the end to be an ext than enough, back the Galaxy verified some good fight down the stretch, when Jose Villarreal scored a memorable goal v a thunderous strike.

Although the didn"t find the back of the net, the first 45 minute belonged to Cristiano Ronaldo. 

The Portugal superstar remained in fine form on Thursday, displaying world-class speed in addition to flashy footwork that had actually the "opposing" group "ooh"ing and "ahh"ing all half.

And in the 15th minute, he was able to assist on Di Maria"s opening goal:


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For the rest of the half, genuine Madrid to be commanding. 

With La Liga beat approaching, Blancos manager Carlo Ancelotti placed out a beginning XI the featured numerous of the usual suspects, and also Real Madrid"s talent benefit over a Galaxy lineup minus Landon Donovan and also Robbie Keane was apparent. 

The Spanish side had actually the round in its fifty percent for nearly the whole half, and also the Galaxy were happy to head into the locker room down simply one goal. 

With number of subs coming in at the start of the 2nd half, it didn"t take lengthy for real Madrid to twin its lead. 

New signing Isco ceded a wonderful ball to Benzema, who carried it down v a deft touch and also finished in a clinical fashion. Futbol bible gives united state a look in ~ the nice goal:

Give credit transaction to the overmatched Los Angeles side for not offering up, however. 

Bruce Arena"s side propelled on and also looked far an ext dangerous in the 2nd half. In the 65th minute, that finally damaged through.

When one awry clearance dropped to Villarreal, the 19-year-old go brilliantly to beat two defenders and also send in a rocket into the top right edge out of the with of Diego Lopez. 

The Galaxy"s push would turn roughly to bite them right back, however, in the 74th minute once Di Maria rotate a counter-attack into a lengthy run down the left side. He ultimately crossed the ball right into a wide-open Benzema in the center of the box, wherein the Frenchman top it residence for an easy goal. 

This video game was never in doubt, however really, no one ever before expected it to be.

In a tournament prefer this, the was more about the experience. And also for some of the Galaxy"s youngsters, gift able to complete on the same ar as guys like Ronaldo, Kaka and also Mesut Ozil is something castle will never ever forget.


Isco, genuine Madrid: A

Real Madrid"s brand-new toy looked together shiny as ever before on Thursday.

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Isco"s sphere to Ronaldo, which caused the game"s very first goal, was spectacular. His help to Benzema, a 40-yard pass through the external of his foot best on the money, to be world-class. 

The 21-year-old ongoing to impress, mirroring some tantalizing dribbling an abilities around the box before finally placing a shooting on goal that was batted away.

Man the the match. 

Brian Rowe, Los Angeles Galaxy: B

All things considering, it was a nice solid night because that Brian Rowe. 

There was yes, really nothing he can have done on the first two goals, while that made number of saves and did a great job of illegal off genuine Madrid"s sewage attack. 

His positioning on real Madrid"s third goal, however, was quite poor, and that brings his grade down a bit. 

Nevertheless, one encouraging power from the 24-year-old. 

What"s Next?

Real Madrid advances to the semifinals to take it on Everton top top Saturday night. The L.A. Galaxy, meanwhile, will face Juventus in the loser"s bracket, likewise on Saturday.