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title The Genius hits the Road

author Ray Charles

brand Vinyl Lovers

referral LPS 146854

LABEL code 6785415

style RHYTHM and also BLUES


180 GRAM VINYLINCLUDES 4 BONUS TRACKSThis edition presents the long unavailable LP The Genius access time the Road (ABCS 335), originally released in 1960 by the ABC-Paramount label. The Genius access time the roadway is a principle album the sorts through a dozen songsdevoted to various parts that the U.S., and was a transitional record developed upon the success the the landmark album The Genius of ray Charles (Atlantic, 1959).In addition to the initial masterpiece, this collector’s edition contains 4 bonus tracks: three ABC-Paramount single sides from the same duration and the all-time classic “Hit the road Jack”.PERSONNEL:RAY CHARLES, vocals and piano, plus:SIDE A (2, 3 & 5), and also SIDE B (2, 3, 5 & 6):Marcus Belgrave, john Hunt (tp), Hank Crawford (ass, bs),Leroy Cooper (bs), David “Fathead” Newman (ts), Edgar Willis (b),Milt Turner (d). Unknown 15 piece string section.Recorded in brand-new York City, march 25, 1960.SIDE A (1, 4, & 6), and also SIDE B (1 & 4):Same personnel as above but The Raelettes (backing vocals),added ~ above “Carry Me earlier to Old Virginny” only, and strings omitted.Recorded in brand-new York City, march 29. 1960.(*) BONUS TRACKS:SIDE A (7 & 8), and also SIDE B (7):Ray Charles (voc, p), boy name Banks, man Hunt (tp),Hank Crawford (as, bs), Leroy Cooper (bs), David “Fathead” Newman (ts),Edgar Willis (b), Milt Turner (d), The Raelettes (backing vocals).Recorded in new York City, April 27, 1960.SIDE B (8):Ray Charles (voc, p), David “Fathead” Newman (ts), Hank Crawford (as),Leroy Cooper (bas), Phil Guilbeau, man Hunt (tp),Frank Rosolino, take care of Betts, Kenny Shroyer, dick Nash (tb),Bruno Carr (perc), Edgar Willis (b), Mel Lewis (d),The Raelettes feat. Margie Hendricks (backing vocals).Recorded in Los Angeles, July 5, 1961.SIDE A01. ALABAMY BOUND02. GEORGIA ON mine MIND03. Container STREET BLUES04. MISSISSIPPI MUD05. MOONLIGHT IN VERMONT06. Brand-new YORK’S my HOME07. Ns WONDER (*)08. STICKS and STONES (*)SIDE B01. CALIFORNIA, right here I COME02. MOON over MIAMI03. DEEP IN THE love OF TEXAS04. Bring ME back TO OLD VIRGINNY05. BLUE HAWAII06. CHATTANOOGA CHOO-CHOO07. Concerned LIFE BLUES (*)08. Fight THE road JACK (*)

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