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EXTREME load LOSS - \"Rachel\" - Born v a win spirit, Rachel started dancing at 3 years old. As Rachel prospered older, her soul was hampered by blended feelings in the direction of love, sex and religion, for this reason she turned come food for emotional support and became obese. Now, looking to \"get her groove back,\" Rachel\"s yearlong revolution will it is in featured in the episode of \"Extreme weight Loss\" airing ~ above TUESDAY, JULY 28 (9:00-11:00 p.m., ET/PT) ~ above ABC. Three-time Grammy compensation winner Ne-Yo guest stars in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Rachel come choreograph a dance regime for the hip-hop star. (ABC/Rick Rowell)RACHEL

The present strikes her when she does squats v a barbell or once one of her dance student jumps on her back. She’s reminded when she watch in the mirror or once she sees she reflection in a window.

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Rachel Paul, that weighed 309 pounds just a quick while ago, is still obtaining used come the number that pops up when she steps on a scale: 164.

“It’s weird when I think around it. It’s the dimension of a person,” the Santa Monica residents said. “And this to be every day. I still don’t know exactly how to articulate it. It’s just strange.”

Paul’s journey towards shedding nearly half of her weight was documented on ABC’s tv series, “Extreme weight Loss,” in an illustration that aired July 28.

It to be the culmination the a yearlong change that required determination and dedication, but for Paul it’s likewise a landmark in a lifelong battle versus temptation, addiction and doubt.

Paul was very active together a child and also began dancing as soon as she to be 3-years-old, later joining the UCLA dance team and becoming a run coach for area high school, neighborhood college and also university students.

But who close to she sexually abused Paul at a young age, an suffer that crippled her self-worth. Then, at roughly age 22, she went v a complicated breakup after finding the end the male she thought she would certainly marry was cheating top top her.

Food ended up being her crutch.

“It to be a method to blur out the pain,” she said. “You eat till you don’t feeling anymore. I gave up on myself and also my happiness. Ns was a shed cause.”

Paul, 36, do the efforts to lose the weight on she own. She read books, experiment a range of diets and counted calories.

“But it constantly came back,” she said. “When I got on the scale and saw a ‘3’ in front, i was like, ‘This is bad.’ … The best thing to be that ns wasn’t encountering what make me start overeating to begin with.”

Seeking a correctly change, Paul reached out come “Extreme load Loss,” whose co-hosts Chris and also Heidi Powell lead participants with intense dieting and also exercise.

During the very first three months she to be stationed at the Anschutz Health and Wellness facility in Colorado, where she did a range of cardio training for 2-4 hrs each day. Tasks included hiking, stairway climbing and also running.

“They were great at exposing us to a the majority of stuff,” she said. “You have to discover something you like, due to the fact that that’s what’s gonna acquire you to walk to the gym every day.”

Paul also followed a specific food plan and cooked her very own lean meats and also fresh vegetables.

She returned house for the following six month of the program, exercising for at least two hrs each day. She discovered that she appreciated workouts in ~ CrossFit Santa Monica, i beg your pardon is close to wherein she lives, and also she ended up going over there every morning.

“They’ve taken me under your wing,” she said, including that she’s now planning come coach and also teach there.

There were challenging moments for Paul, to be sure, especially since she to be no much longer under continuous supervision.

“It was tough to adjust habits,” she said. “It was tough to navigate good food choices. However I’d fulfill every week v a trainer, and also Chris and Heidi were always available. We would text and also chat every the time.”

At the six-month benchmark, as a reward for she progress, Paul got to meet Ne-Yo and also be the hip-hop singer’s back-up dancer for a day.

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“It was so much fun since it in reality looked an excellent when i was moving,” she said. “I was prefer a boy on Christmas. I was simply giddy.”

Nine months right into the program, Paul had actually surgery to remove excess skin. And then, in ~ the culmination of her 365-day journey, she emerged for her “after” consciousness in a size 4 dress. Memories of dimension 26 stay fresh.

“I’m still a work-related in progress,” she said. “The seeks is miscellaneous I’ll constantly deal with, and I have an ext tools now to resolve it. But I’m never done. I’m always going to need to make great choices. … I execute hope others are inspired. It’s never ever too late.”