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What to be the purpose for Johnathan Edwards sermon, “Sinners in the hands of an angry God” and also how go the audience feeling aboutit?

I decided to do this question since I was very curious how the audience was emotion at the moment of Johnathan Edwards sermon. Even talking around it in class scared me a little. Also, I discovered this question interesting because as a child, ns visted a church similar to his sermon.

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Jonathan Edwards provides bold cases in his sermon, “Sinners in the hands of an angry God.” the warns civilization of their condemnation, draws pictures of your bodies being held precariously end hell, and claims God will have no pity on lock after it’s all over. This would scare a many of civilization from the start. This objections make it complicated for people to read his sermon through an open mind and also it left him with little credibility. Edwards’ audience was developed of Puritans. The was not speaking to contemporary day agnostics or skeptics, however a congregation of human being who left your home nation in order to obtain spiritual freedom. Predestination, eternal damnation, and God’s sovereign strength were typical theologies, embraced by most of Edwards’ congregants, if no all. Edwards preached to two different audiences: those who necessary to hear this sermon and those that did not. The congregation was consisted of of believers, however not all were true converts. Those who essential to listen this sermon were two kinds the people– both they who were sleeping and also backslidden believers, and they who that really morning were dangling “over the pit of hell” yet would be rescued native damnation that day. Overall, his objective is come proclaim the truth.


, Jonathan Edwards taught the most well known sermon ever ceded in the history of America. The solution of the congregation was nothing brief of amazing.

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Prior to Edwards could finish, people were crying out, “What candlestick I carry out to be saved?” Though first delivered 250 years ago, Edwards’s many memorable sermon is no much less needed today. Far much more than a depiction of the punishments that hell, the is a speak to to an individual salvation v Christ and spiritual rebirth in ours time.