Dan dram the trumpet, is top top the debate team, bites his nails, and also chews gum. Freud could say Dan to be fixated in the ________ stage.

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Which ingredient of a person"s personality is responsible because that the proceeding desire to interact in sex indiscriminately?
According come Jung, the memories and behavior trends inherited from previous generations are component of the ________.
Anthony is noble of composing papers and studying because that tests, however he to know he needs a college degree if he desires to be effective in his liked career. Therefore every morning Anthony gives himself a dressing down - in significance yelling at himself - to do himself acquire out that bed and also go come classes, and also every night he does the exact same thing to gain himself to do his work. According to Freud, i beg your pardon personality framework is in regulate here?
The field of ________ is devoted to the examine of just exactly how much of personality is as result of inherited traits.
When Candace bespeak a hot fudge sundae and a diet soda, she said herself that the calories from the ice cream cream yes, really were no a huge deal because the diet soda type of well balanced it every out. I m sorry of Freud"s defense instrument is encouraging Candace?
When Anna looks at some modern artwork at the museum, she frequently thinks she sees human figures or faces and likes to make up stories about them. When she speak the story to her friend, she friend claims that the stories reflect Anna"s unconscious thoughts. In psychological terms, what Anna does is most similar to ________.

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What is one objective of the validity scale of the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality inventory (MMPI)?
If you are completing a paper/pencil test that requires you to review statements and also indicate "true" or "false" regarding whether or not they use to you, then you are likely taking a(n) ________.