On the twelfth work of Christmas, mine true love sent to me twelves cards for royal birthdays ~ above ten separate dates with 2 heirs come the throne among them and a queen consort celebrating too. December is a liven month for imperial birthdays for this reason if you"re in the mood for baking (non Christmas cakes) and also blowing out (non festive) candles, the next 4 weeks will be a dream. Here are 12 royal birthdays because that December.

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Silvia Renate Sommerlath was born in December 22nd 1943 in Heidelberg, Germany, the youngest child and also only daughter of Walter and Alice Sommerlath. She thrived up in Brazil and also Germany. She met Carl Gustaf that Sweden, climate heir come his country"s throne, at the 1972 Munich Olympics wherein she was functioning as an education host. He became King that Sweden in 1973 and the pair married in June 1976. The King and Queen the Sweden have actually three children and also five grandchildren.Silvia is the longest reigning queen consort in swedish history.
Alexandra Helen Elizabeth Olga Christabel the Kent to be born on Christmas day 1936 in London, the second child and only daughter of George and Marina, Duke and also Duchess that Kent. The Royal family needed something to celebrate - simply two main earlier, Alexandra"s head uncle, Edward VIII, had abdicated his throne to marry Wallis Simpson. Alexandra was educated at Heathfield School and in Paris. She has lugged out royal engagements because that over sixty years and the Queen recently hosted a celebration of her royal job-related at Buckingham Palace. Princess Alexanda of Kent married Angus Ogilvy in 1963 and was widowed in 2004. The couple had two children and also four grandchildren.
Lorenz rose oil Carl Amadeus Thadeus Maria Pius Andreas Marcus d"Aviano that Austria-Este was born top top December 16th 1955 in France, the 2nd child the Robert, Archduke that Austria-Este and also his wife, Margherita the Savoy. Lorenz is a nephew of Karl, last Emperor of Austria-Hungary. He studied economics at college in Switzerland and has functioned in banking across Europe. He married Princess Astrid, just daughter the Albert and Paola the Belgium, in 1984 and the pair have five children and a granddaughter. Lorenz was made a Prince that Belgium in 1995 and became head that the home of Austria-Este on the death of his father in 1996.
Elena Maria Isabel Dominica de Silos was born on December 20th 1963 in Madrid, the first child of Juan Carlos and Sofia who would go on to it is in King and also Queen that Spain in 1975. Elena had a high profile as a member that the Spanish royal Family and also in 1995, she wedding come Jaime de Marichalar in Seville, to be watched by numerous people. The couple had two children prior to divorcing. Since the accession of her brother as Felipe VI, Elena is no much longer considered component of the official Spanish imperial Family.
Princess Sofia of Sweden is 32 ~ above Decemebr 6thSofia Kristina Hellqvist was born on December sixth 1984 at Danderyd Hospital, Sweden, the daughter the Erik and Marie. She thrived up in Stockholm and also Alvdalen and became a model and also starring on fact TV. Her partnership with Prince Carl Philip of Sweden was shown in 2010 and the pair announced your engagement in 2014. They married on June 13th 2015 and also welcomed a son, Prince Alexander, on April 19th 2016 do this Sofia"s very first birthday as a mum.
Joachim Karl-Maria Nikolaus Isabelle Marcus d"Aviano to be born ~ above December 9th 1991 in Woluwe St-Lambert, the third child and second son of Princess Astrid of Belgium and her husband, Lorenz. He to be born simply months ~ his maternal grandfather became King Albert II the the Belgians. Lorenz was educated in Belgium, England and Italy.
Catharina-Amalia Beatrix Carmen Victoria, eldest boy of Willem-Alexander and also Maxima the the Netherlands, to be born on December 7th 2003 in The Hague. She birth, together a future queen of her country, was marked by total salutes. She ended up being heiress to the netherlands throne top top April 30th 2013 ~ above the accession of she father adhering to the abdication of her grandmother, Beatrix. Amalia attends school close to her family members home in Wassenaar.
Sverre Magnus to be born top top December 3rd 2005 at the Rikshospitalet in Oslo, kid of Crown Prince Haakon Magnus and Crown Princess Mette-Marit the Norway. That is 3rd in heat to the throne of Norway behind his father and sister and also is styled His Highness fairly than HRH. Sverre goes to college in Oslo.
Nicolas Casimir Marie and also Aymeric Auguste Marie, pair sons of Prince Laurent and also Princess Claire the Belgium, to be born on December 13th 2005 in Woluwe-St Lambert. Nicolas and Aymeric, fourteenth and fifteenth in heat to the Belgian throne, attend college in Brussels and live with their parents and also older sister, Princess Louise.
James Alexander Philip Theo to be born ~ above December 17th 2007 at Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey, the 2nd child and only kid of the Earl and Countess that Wessex. He to be christened in April 2008 in a replica that the well known Honiton lace gown used since the time the Queen Victoria. He lives with his parents, and also older sisters Louise, in Surrey.

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Jacques, Hereditary Prince that Monaco and Gabriella were born in Monaco on December 10th, the an initial children of Prince Albert II v his wife, Princess Charlene. Gabriella Therese Marie was born two minutes prior to Jacques Honore Rainier but succession laws meant that the baby prince became heir come the throne. Lock have had actually a high windy profile because their births and also they were freshly seen during celebrations because that Monaco"s nationwide Day.
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