Snow White"s story is legendary, as with the an initial birthday of a special little princess! The second piece in the Disney birthday Parade series, this darling explicate of a girl dressed as Disney"s first princess delightfully celebrate the occasion. Resin. 4" H
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Precious Memory

It is a lover piece. I feel the it is a wonderful gift that deserve to be displayed and treasured. I look front to including to this every year.

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Overly excited to construct a yearly train

Whoohooo I lastly have a girl and July·10th we"re celebrate her very first birthday!I currently took it the end to see it in person, it"s beautiful & worth the money.Im still pack it to have to it it is in apart of those pictures receiving her an initial Train piece.Thank you because that an great idea and a means to bring into her Birthday every year in storage of my Momma"s who loved

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Our an excellent granddaughter loved it or must I to speak the mother and also grandmother loved it for her first birthday. We will certainly buy this yearly for our little girl.

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Snow Adorable

I for sure adore the valuable Moments Disney Princess train. It"s a mix of two of my favorite themes~ Disney Princesses and Precious Moments. What a winning combination. In fact, I"ve to buy these because that my granddaughter and also nieces. The only problem I have actually is that they room very an overwhelming to find. I had actually to stimulate one from another location most recently and it was late getting here for the date of birth party.

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Disney snow White figurine

By previous Moments, you’d be happy to begin your collection with this beautiful eye White.

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