The Dark Ranger is coming to strength Rangers! and also his identity has actually just been revealed.

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Heckyl will be the Dark Ranger in BOOM! Studios’ Mighty Morphin strength Rangers comic book series. The Dark Ranger (formerly known as the Talon Ranger) will certainly be a major part that ‘Beyond The Grid’, the storyline events instantly following ‘Shattered Grid’.

While Heckyl never appeared as the Dark Ranger in Power rangers Dino Charge or Power rangers Dino supervisor Charge in 2015-2016, the appearance to be one the was very sought after by fans.

The newly called Dark Ranger will make his very first canon appearance in Mighty Morphin power Rangers #31, a comic book releasing in September 2018 from BOOM! Studios (recap here). The concern will it is in the an initial story created by new Mighty Morphin power Rangers comic book writer Marguerite Bennett, who has actually yet to reveal exactly just how the Dark Ranger is joining the team.

In January 2019, an issue will release that focuses exclusively on Heckyl’s history to becoming the Dark Ranger.

Below, pan can uncover comic book character artwork for Heckyl, in enhancement to the main cover for Mighty Morphin power Rangers #35, the standalone issue detailing Heckyl’s ago story.

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The Dark Ranger will team increase with Andros (Red Ranger, strength Rangers In Space), Mike (Magna Defender, strength Rangers lost Galaxy), Tanya (Yellow Ranger, strength Rangers Zeo), cam (Green Ranger, strength Rangers Ninja Storm), and the Ranger Slayer to form a new, core team the Rangers.

Fans will recognize the Dark Ranger together an angry character from Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, the Japanese Sentai season fueling Power rangers Dino Charge‘s adaption through Saban Brands.

The character was incredibly popular overseas, and also ultimately left pan disappointed once he didn’t show up on the yes, really TV show. Fans were teased that the personality might show up at some point when the name “Talon Ranger” to be leaked indigenous Bandai America’s Power ranger Dino Charge Morpher toy product.

Heckyl was a personality on Power ranger Dino at sight Charge that was turned into Snide, an evil villain, after coming into call with the Dark Energem. After managing to different himself native Snide, Heckyl ultimately went ~ above to sign up with the good guys.

How exactly did Heckyl end up being the Dark Ranger, and also enter BOOM! Studios’ comic book universe? Fans can look forward to those answers when Mighty Morphin strength Rangers #31 hits comic publication store shelves this September.

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