This plus size, large skirt attributes a five-pocket construction, whiskering, a zip fly switch closure, distressed design throughout, and also a frayed hem.

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Content + Care

98% cotton 2% SpandexMachine wash cold


Model Measurement

Wearing a Size 1XHeight: 5" 9"Bust: 43"Waist: 34"Hip: 47"Inseam: 31"


All measurements are based on inches

Bust Size:

Measure approximately your body, under her arms, and over the fullest area of her bust.

Waist Size:

Measure in ~ your organic waistline, the narrowest component of your waist.

Hips Size:

Measure around the fullest component of your hips, placing the tape about midway between your bellybutton and also crotch.


Find a pair that pants that fit friend well. Measure up them native the crotch seam down the inside seam come the hem.

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