Planningmodels that are more sophisticated than the percent that sales an approach have

all variable costs readjust directly through sales.

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fixed heritage that perform not always vary directly with sales.

all the these space true.

working resources accounts favor inventory, account receivables, and accounts payables vary straight with sales.

Firmsthat achieve greater growth rates without seeking external financing

all that these are true.

have much less equity and/or room able to create high net earnings leading come a high ROE.

have a high plowback ratio.

are not extremely leveraged.

External jae won needed: Triumph firm has full assetsworth $6,413,228. Next year the expects a net income of $3,145,778 and also will payout 70 percent together dividends. If the firm desires to limit its external financingto $1 million, what is the development rate it deserve to support?






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