Ah, the oldest and most noble job of prostitution needs small introduction, does it not? however only in our time has the business element of the sex profession industry had to give way to the format and culture born native its entrenchment in the media.

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Rap and hip-hop definitely helped things along, make it nearly fashionable to have a cadre the attractive females hanging off of you together you obtain yourself decked out in a ridiculously gaudy outfit and an ext jewelry than a Cartier’s catalog.

The Pimps and Hoes party theme might seem a tad misogynistic (not to point out criminal), but as lengthy as it’s all in good fun, those the harm, right? So friend hoes go shake file thang and you players crack a laugh that fronts that bling, prior to you gain pimp-slapped, son!

Party Setup:

As with many party themes, you must decide whether to hold this one alfresco or indoors. When the idea that posing on actual street corners does have actually some appeal, it would certainly be easier to decorate a party room or dorm room. It’s your call, but I would indicate keeping it within for this theme.

Since this is a costume based party, there aren’t really numerous variations to occupational with. Yet here space some points you need to keep in mind:


Just examine out any type of Rap video clip and take her cues from there. When it could be difficult to gain a genuine stripper pole installed, you might improvise v a DIY variation (just nothing actually use it, it’s completely decorative).

Try to store the lighting as dim as possible. Red irradiate bulbs will do quite nicely however disco or neon lights would certainly be ideal. This is almost a throwback come Gatsby Party template too though. V that in mind, you deserve to decorate accordingly.


Any music that would certainly not be the end of ar at a nightclub would work really well for this theme. Likewise include gangsta rap and pimp music if that’s her thing. Over there are entire rap discographies whereby the artists emphasis on the “pimp” lifestyle, so you’ll be spoiled because that choice.


Since you’re basically celebrating the complimentary exchange of sex-related “services” because that money, you could take a cue native the “What would you perform for a ticket?” theme and also hand the end fake money as the guest arrive.

Encourage lock to perform things for that money, like a lap run or a partial piece tease. Don’t walk too far though; you don’t want to gain in trouble with the Po-po now, carry out you? Pimps and Hoes Party template can get pretty extreme though, be prepared!

Costume Ideas:

Just just like the decorations, use any type of rap video clip for inspiration! for the girls, the sleazier the outfit, the better it is. You’ll desire to wear revealing stuff and overdo the assembly as lot as friend can. And when to be the last time you observed a hooker that didn’t have high heels on? ns think you gain the point.

The pimps should deck themselves the end in fake gold (or the real stuff, if you have the right to risk it), pimp hats and glasses, purple suits, and fake yellow teeth. A pimp cane would round the costume the end nicely.

Party Warnings and also Tips:

If her guests wear genuine jewelry, explicitly warn castle to store an eye ~ above it. You desire to absolve you yourself of any responsibility best off the bat.Make sure you have every little thing of worth out the the room as you don’t want something an useful getting stolen!If you setup on in reality hosting a themed party, don’t let civilization in that don’t dress to the theme. If anything, they’ll just ruin the experience.Feel free to incorporate this party layout with other themes as it deserve to really improve the general atmosphere. For suggestions: Gatsby Party template would work wonders in enhancement to Pimps and also Hoes Party Theme.Lastly, have fun and also get crazy!

Party Drinks:

Variety is the surname of the game for the Pimps and also Hoes Party Theme. Alcohol is much an ext important than food because that this theme and also you need to spend the money for greater end liquor if possible.

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Arrange because that harder stuff because that the guys and also colorful fruity cocktails for the women (of the night). Getting civilization drunk is the allude of this party, therefore don’t organize back.

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