The enemy in one sentence

The Phillies have actually been almost everywhere the location this year and have continued finding new and an imaginative ways come lose, but amid all that they room still hovering approximately .500 and also in 2nd place in your division.

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Head-to-head record

Red Sox 2, Phillies 1


Up. The Phillies appeared to be hitting their rock bottom in the center of June, but because then they have actually recovered and also at least put us in a place to wait out the month the July before deciding their direction. They’ve earned at the very least a separation in every of their last four series, and also overall they’ve won 5 of your last seven.

Pitching Matchups

7/9: Garrett Richards vs. Vince Velasquez, 7:10 afternoon ET

The most interesting in the Red Sox rotation ideal now might possibly be Richards, i beg your pardon is certainly not the very same as saying the best. On the one hand, the stuff is quiet markedly down due to the fact that the banishment of sticky stuff, even much more so than many pitchers roughly the league. ~ above the other hand, he is leaned on a small bit that a different approach, and also he’s had some solid outings. His critical time out was pretty good and the finished out the start before that with a few good innings. Personally, ns still holding mine breath every time the veteran pertains to the mound, since the command is still a little rough and also without his best stuff he is liable to be hit around. But he keeps obtaining to the precipice of gift tossed next before turning things roughly long sufficient to buy that a couple of more chances. That a cycle, and he shows up to it is in in the transforming things around part of it ideal now.

photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty photos Velasquez was when a relatively well-regarded possibility with big-time stuff, yet he’s never really to be able to put things together as a starting pitcher. The Phillies are continuing to use him in the role, however, at least partially out of need. And this year, well, he’s been mediocre as usual. The potential is always there for him to shut down any type of lineup, and also he’s continuing to to win out enemies at a nice clip this year. In spite of that, the ERA is sit in the mid-4.00’s, and his walk rate is still much too high. Look for the Red Sox to be patience early and force him come come earlier into the zone. Boston observed him the end of the bullpen previously this year, highlight out three times in 1 1⁄3 scoreless innings. Velasquez will feature a fastball that sits in the 92-95 variety along through a curveball, changeup, and also slider.

7/10: Martín Pérez vs. Matt Moore, 4:10 pm ET

Pérez is in the middle of however another strong run in this continually how amazing campaign, allowing one or fewer earned runs in three of his last 4 starts, v the other seeing two earned runs coming versus him. The southpaw has a 1.86 ERA during this tiny run, though it’s a tiny hard come see exactly how it’s happening. No his strikeout nor walk rates seem great, and he’s offering up a ton of hits. Somehow, he continues to work about trouble, and also Alex Cora has actually done a very good job at discovering when to traction his back-end starter native games. Pérez has actually not recorded much more than 16 outs in a game because June 3, and also with the All-Star break just a day far after this game, I’d expect that trend to proceed here together well. Versus the Phillies back in May, Pérez allowed three operation over six innings that work.

It seems crazy come think around now, but around a decade ago Moore was appropriate alongside Mike Trout and now-teammate Bryce Harper in a triumvirate of upstream prospects resulting age in ~ the very same time. The lefty’s career has not advanced the way things have for the various other two, rather being miscellaneous of a journeyman end the last couple of years. This is his an initial with the Phillies, and also he’s had a challenging time ~ above the season separating duties between the rotation and bullpen. He simply doesn’t have actually the stuff to make up for what that lacks in command, and it reflects with his 5.60 ERA. The said, he has permit two runs over nine innings in his last 2 starts, for this reason he does come in on a bit of a roll. Moore will function a low-90s fastball to go v a changeup and a curveball.

7/11: Nick Pivetta vs. Aaron Nola, 1:10 pm ET

Pivetta didn’t acquire a opportunity to pitch versus his previous team previously this year as soon as these 2 squads confronted off, yet he’ll acquire his chance at revenge below on Sunday in the final game before the All-Star break. The righty has certainly looked much better than that did in his last few seasons in Philly, however there have still been some inconsistencies. Two starts ago, he enabled three residence runs to the Royals — the second time in June he had actually an outing that featured at the very least three balls leave the park — but then critical time the end he tossed seven shutout innings in Oakland v 10 strikeouts and also only 2 walks. All at once it’s been a really encouraging season, and there would be no far better way for him to end up off this first half than by sticking it come the team the basically provided up top top him.

On the various other side, the Red Sox space going up versus a guy who should be a co-ace top top this Phillies staff, despite the numbers don’t reflect the at the moment. A previous top 10 pick, the righty came into this season as one of the most constant pitchers in the game, yet he"s having actually a challenging start come his 2021, at the very least by the results. Nola is currently sitting with a 4.53 ERA that is relatively significantly worse 보다 league-average, yet his 3.47 FIP tells a much different story. Still, the hits are including up and also he’s going v his worst stretch that the season right now. End his last four starts, he has pitched come an 8.35 ERA despite striking out 32 and walking only 5 over 18 1⁄3 innings. The Red Sox must be feather to jump on pitches end the middle of the plate early and also often. They did a solid job of the last time out, scoring five runs (four earned) over 5 innings regardless of striking out nine times and walking just once. Nola will offer a pair the low-90s fastballs come go with a changeup and a curveball.

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Old Friends


Notable position Players

Bryce Harper is the challenge of this Phillies franchise ~ signing his monster contract a pair winters ago, and he’s as soon as again having a mainly season in ~ the plate. Many thanks to elite power and patience, he has actually a 144 wRC+ that, for context, is just a shade behind Xander Bogaerts and also a the shade ahead of Rafael Devers and also J.D. Martinez.

J.T. Realmuto gained a huge contract himself last winter, re-signing in Philly, and he’s maintaining up his finish of the resolve another pretty season. He’s placing up a 122 wRC+, which for a catcher who have the right to play defense prefer him is just about as good as the gets.

Andrew McCutchen is having actually something of a renaissance of sorts this season after a disappointed 2020 and missed time in 2019. He’s being pains by a low BABIP, but his patience and power are comprising for it.

Rhys Hoskins will certainly swing and miss a bunch and not yes, really hit many singles, but the male is a risk to walk deep each and every time he measures to the dish.

Jean Segura hits atop this Phillies lineup and also he’s had a an excellent year through his contact-oriented technique being linked with a high BABIP.

Alec Bohm came right into the year through some large expectations after a solid showing in 2020, however the strength hasn’t to be there and also his contributions have actually been near-nothing.

Didi Gregorius is struggling to capture some that the magic indigenous his Yankees work this year, striking out a bit an ext than is usual for him and also combining the with bad batted round luck.

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Odúbel Herrera to be suspended back in 2019 because that a residential violence incident in which that allegedly struck his girlfriend, however he’s ago in the Phillies lineup now, much to the dismay of numerous of your fans. ~ above the field, he’s to be struggling to acquire things walking lately.