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Former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning is a world-class athlete and also person. The future pro Football room of fame member threw for much more than 70,000 and also 500 touchdowns when winning 2 Super Bowls over his 17-year NFL career between the Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos.

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The great thing around someone the Peyton Manning’s stature is that he doesn’t take it himself as well seriously. For example, he’s taken shots v Michael Phelps and also Eric Church before. He’s dressed as Elvis because that the NFL Films-produced “Peyton’s Places.” He and also his brothers Eli Manning also starred in their very own rap video.

Manning has showed up in endless commercials and grew accustomed come the spotlight while playing for Tennessee in college and also the Colts in the NFL. What renders the 6-foot-5 Manning so lovable is his feeling of humor and also goofy nature. He’s together relatable together it gets for a Hall-of-Fame NFL player.

That’s why Peyton Manning crushed it when he organized Saturday Night Live in 2007 after winning his first Super Bowl through the Colts. Many of athletes have actually gone ~ above the comedy map out show, but Manning’s might be the finest thanks come one skit in particular.

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You understand the one: The United method Skit. The one.

Peyton Manning master SNL in 2007

Apparently anyone loves the VOLS tonight. SNL has Peyton Manning w/ Carrie Underwood. #MustSeeTV #VFL #GBO pic.twitter.com/lHkzVUMcvK

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