MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. -- It shows up Jabrill Peppers\" Michigan career will end with a whimper. 

U-M\"s Heisman Trophy finalist will not beat in in tonight\"s Orange Bowl versus Florida State (click here to join our live blog in ~ 8 p.m.) after sustaining an injury in exercise this week. 

ESPN reporter Adam Schefter tweeted tonight that Peppers endured a hamstring injury Thursday and that while the wasn\"t major, over there wasn\"t enough time because that it to totally heal.

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Peppers walked turn off the bus arriving at the stadion wearing headphones v his hand in his pocket and was no wearing a backpack. He took the field with the various other specialists an hour before the game and also was recording punts, but looked tentative in warmups.

But he relocated slowly and also kept trying come shake out his left leg. Joining the in the punt return warmups was Jourdan Lewis, Amara Darboh, and Chris Evans. Once he went with the linebackers, he participated in some of the drills, but not in ~ his normal intensity.

When the an initial defense stepped out for warmups, his back-up Josh Metellus began to take the ar then came earlier so Peppers could have his spot through the first team.

Peppers participated in both that Michigan\"s techniques this week the were open to reporters but did not attend any type of of the media availabilities or dinners in public.

A couple of other high profile players, Stanford\"s Christian McCaffrey and also LSU\"s Leonard Fournette, additionally did not take part in their bowl games yet they announced early on in the bowl season.


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Peppers has actually not talked publicly because their announcements yet Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh plot incredulous as soon as asked at Michigan\"s arrival once asked if anyone would certainly \"skip\" the game.

\"No,\" that said. \"Stop it. Ok, concern answered.\"

He claimed there were a couple of injured players who didn\"t do the trip, but Peppers didn\"t it seems ~ to it is in in that group as the attended practice later in the week.

When asked that would change Peppers at strong-side linebacker following year if the left, U-M protective coordinator Don Brown speculated Jordan Glasgow however mentioned if Peppers was hurt in this game, true freshman Metellus would take his place.

Peppers would end his U-M career without play in a bowl game as U-M didn\"t qualify in his true freshman year, 2014, and he experienced a hand injury in December 2015 and sat out the Citrus Bowl victory over Florida.


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The following step would be his decision about entering the NFL draft. Peppers, who won the big Ten protective player the the year award and was a unanimous All-American, is default to get in as a redshirt sophomore.

He is projected by many mock drafts together a first-round pick with some having him potentially going in the height 10. But when asked on his award show circuit about whether he would certainly leave, Peppers decreased to answer, only saying that was concentrated on the Orange Bowl.

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Playing 933 snaps at 15 various positions, Peppers had one that the most completed seasons in current Michigan background and won two nationwide awards -- the Paul Hornung because that versatility and the Lott influence Trophy because that a defensive player involving character. That finished 5th for the Heisman Trophy.

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