AthleticsOne because that the ages: pulls the end unforgettable last-second climbed Bowl win

The No. 9 Trojans come out on peak over No. 5 penn State 52-49.

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The Trojan Marching tape performs in ~ the 2009 increased Bowl. (Photo/Mark Holtzman)

Updated 9:28 p.m. Sunday:

The No. 9 Trojans pulled the end an improbable victory over No. 5 pen State on Monday, v a last-second ar goal to win “The Granddaddy of lock All” 52-49.

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No. 9 and also No. 5 pen State — the hottest teams in university football right currently with a combined 17 continually wins — challenge off in the 2017 increased Bowl Game. The 103rd version of “The Granddaddy of lock All” is a standard Pac-12/Big Ten meeting between collegiate programs through storied gridiron traditions.

The 128th yearly Rose Parade


8 a.m. Monday, Jan. 2, 2017


Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena


Various outlets consisting of ABC, Hallmark Channel, HGTV, KTLA/5 and Univision.

While it will certainly be the 10th meeting between and also Penn State, it will certainly be just the third time the teams accomplish in Pasadena. Their most recent matchup came in every squad’s last rose Bowl appearance, together Troy prevailed in the 2009 increased Bowl.

The 103rd annual Rose Bowl


2 p.m. Monday, Jan. 2, 2017


Rose key stadium, Pasadena


ESPN. Coverage starts in ~ 1:30 p.m.

It’s a 94-year-old return of the first Rose Bowl game played in the existing Pasadena stadium, the 1923 edition the was the early stage bowl dispute for both schools. will be making an extraordinary 33rd expedition to the increased Bowl Game, where it has won 75 percent of the time, including 11 the the past 13. The Trojans, one of the nation’s premier key teams, have been victorious in almost two-thirds of your 50 key appearances, consisting of eight of the past 10.

Some other notes:

• The Pasadena stadion is’s home away native home. The Trojans have actually played an ext than 50 gamings there, including a win last month end crosstown foe UCLA. In fact, troy played the first-ever football video game in the climbed Bowl Stadium, versus California in 1922.

•, aiming because that a 10-win season, has fared well historically versus the big Ten, in season enders, ~ above Mondays, in January and also on Jan. 2.

•’s appearance in the 2017 rose Bowl keeps lively an impressive streak: The Trojans will have actually played in the climbed Bowl Game throughout the ax of every U.S. President because 1929.

• After beginning off 1-3 in 2016, the Trojans space on one eight-game winning streak (their longest due to the fact that 2008-09), including decisive continual season-ending victories over classic rivals UCLA and Notre Dame.

• is playing one of the nation’s toughest schedules. All three of Troy’s accident in 2016 have been to AP optimal 25 teams away indigenous home.

• Both and also Penn State very own 2016 wins over a team play in the college Football Playoff semifinals.

• Both and also Penn State have a rich heritage of players moving on come the NFL. right now has 39 football player in the NFL, while pen State has 31.

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