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No. 8 pen State"s run to a possible big Ten title heads to brand-new Jersey on Saturday night, wherein the Nittany Lions will be big favorites versus Rutgers.

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Penn State has won six straight games due to the fact that being blown out by Michigan, and they should be able to make it 7 without too lot of an issue. Lock overcame a hard matchup at Indiana last week, scoring 24 point out in the fourth quarter to make a tough game look much easier than it yes, really was at 45-31. They"re scoring a the majority of points -- over 35 per video game -- and that"s been an ext than enough to aid out a good defense that has actually struggled through injury issues at times this year.

The issues for Rutgers room deep and widespread. They have actually the second-worst scoring offense in the country at just 17.5 points every game. Your defense is the shining spot, and also they"re only ranked 81st in protective S&P+. Their just wins room over Howard and new Mexico, and also both the those games were ago in September. If Rutgers to be to somehow discover a way to victory this game, it might be the biggest upset that the year.

How come watch, stream, and listen

TV: 8 p.m. ET, big Ten Network

Radio: Penn State | Rutgers

Online streaming: BTN2Go

Spread: Penn State is favored by 27.5 points.

Make friends: obtain to SB nation’s team blog chats for this video game at Black shoes Diaries for pen State pan and On The financial institutions for Rutgers fans.

Three big things come know

1. Rutgers" season probably reached a low allude last week, once they to be absolutely flattened, 49-0, through a Michigan State team that had actually no conference wins prior to that. The Scarlet Knights have been competitive in part games, yet they room far and also away the worst team in the huge Ten, and probably the worst power conference team in the country.

2. Penn State"s attack line has been miscellaneous of a patchwork job all season, however they struggled versus Indiana last week before exploding for 24 clues in the critical 16 minutes of the game, i beg your pardon doesn"t count the protective touchdown the sealed the win. The line will need to put soon a much better effort overall, yet should be great enough to feather holes for Saquon Barkley, that doesn"t need much of a feet to acquire going anyway.

3. Pen State has had issues converting third downs this season, and has usually not to be a particularly efficient offense. But they"ve comprised for those shortcomings by being exceptionally explosive. A matchup favor this provides them a chance to occupational on their efficiency issues, which they"ll need to enhance on if they"re going to do a operation to a brand-new Year"s 6 game, or maybe also the Playoff.

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