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Fans gained a glimpse right into Peggy Sulahian life after ~ the gorgeous Armenian American fact TV personality showed up in the season 13 that the Bravo TV reality series, The actual Housewives the Orange County. So that is herbal that fans desire to understand who her husband and children are?

Worry not; we have details worrying her an individual and married life indigenous the article below. Also, role down and read all around her net worth and also many more.

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Who Is Peggy Sulahian?

Born ~ above 30 July 1973, Peggy Sulahian in Kuwait. She parents migrated to the U.S. When Peggy was only a year old. She is of American nationality by she birth, whereas she belongs come Asian-American country background.

She has gone through several setbacks in her life. For instance, Peggy’s mother shed her life from breast cancer. Moreover, she discovered that she had actually lumped she breast, and to prevent disease; she go to have actually a twin mastectomy.

On the other hand, Her brothers disclosed on Radar the Peggy did not attend your father’s funeral as he was gay. However, Peggy refuse this story.

Caption: TV personality, Peggy Sulahian

Moving on in the direction of her career, she made a name for it s her in the American entertainment sector by showing up in season 13 that the hit truth American show, The actual Housewives of Orange County. She is the 100th housewife and also the an initial Armenian-American to show up in the popular TV show. Similarly, Sulahian has appeared in TV reflects such as Glitterbomb, E! News: everyday Pop, and also Watch wake up Live v Andy Cohen.

How much is Peggy Sulahian’s network Worth?

Peggy Sulahian has actually earned a remarkable fortune indigenous her successful profession together a TV reality. She net worth at the time of this creating is roughly $6 Million. Since Peggy is additionally one of the RHOC casts, it is compulsory to assume she earns an impressive amount of money from that show.

To display her lavish lifestyle, she wears expensive jewelry, accessories, and designer clothes. Also, she adorned her neck through Nick Ohanessian‘s diamond collections, and tank tops, and wore beloved gowns design by the top designer Tom Ford.

Similarly, she has actually several many beautiful and also luxury cars the the money deserve to offer. Prominent amongst her vehicle collections space Audi and also Ferrari, which believed to price $50,000 and $250,000 dong in the market. Furthermore, Peggy lives alongside her household in crystal Cove Community. The house in together an area costs an ext than $3,000,000.

Peggy Sulahian date Life; that is her Boyfriend?

Currently, together per number of tabloid news, Peggy Sulahian is date Diko Sulahian, a custom wheel mogul who is also her ex-husband. Castle walked down the aisle together husband and also wife in the year of 1995 in the romantic Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.

Caption: Peggy Sulahian through her husband, Diko Sulahian

However, your married life did not fare well as the ex married pair filed because that divorce only a year after marriage in 29 march 1996. Yet they patched up their differences and reconciled as they started dating in 1997. From their relationship, they to be blessed with three children.

Their eldest daughter, Giovanna Sulahian, was born in 1998 and became the parental of two much more children, daughter, Gianelle Sulahian born in 2001 and son, KoKo Sulahian, born in 2010.

Caption: Peggy Sulahian v her husband Diko and also with their kids Giovanna Sulahian, Gianelle Sulahian (daughter) and also Koko Sulahian (son)

Nonetheless, their divorce was kept in secrecy as no one to know of your divorce till their divorce papers came to be viral in 2017. Together of existing recording, Peggy and her ex-husband cum boyfriend, Diko Sulahian is life a blissful life v their three lovely kids.

Who is Peggy Sulahian’s Husband rotate Boyfriend, Diki Sulahian?

Diki Sulahian celebrate his birthday on 25 January. His specific birth year remains a mystery. However, the is well known for gift the ex-husband and also presently friend of genuine Housewives of Orange county star, Peggy Sulahian. Besides this, Diki is a successful businessman who is the owner of WTW Corporation, which specializes in make the Giovanna Wheels and Koko Future.

Likewise, he established the WTW in 1997 and interestingly called his commodities after his children. Being the owner that WTW Corporation, that has accumulated an superior networth. As of now, Diki Sulahian’s net worth is at an estimate of roughly $ 8 million.

On the various other hand, Diko was married to his wife, Peggy Sulahian, in 1995 before divorcing a year later on in 1996. Yet things a significant as they uncovered love again and also rekindle your relationship once again. The duo is right now enjoying a harmonious relationship with each other.

Similarly, from their union, they are also lucky parents to three beautiful children, daughters Giovanna and also Koko, as well as son, KoKo Sulahian. Interestingly, Diki names his kid after his father.

Body Measurement

The lover Peggy Sulahian stands in ~ the height of 5 feet 5 inches tall and also maintains her weight at 54 kg. Peggy has a slim construct to complement her in its entirety appearance and also charming personality.

Although his specific body measurement is under review, however, she is the owner that the pair of irradiate brown eyes and also silky dark brown hair.

Peggy Slahian’s Socials

The RHOC star, Peggy Sulahian, is a highly energetic and regular user in the social media platform. She has actually over 130K followers on her official Instagram account, much more than 22 K pendant on her Twitter account, and has more than 4900 pendant on her on facebook page.

Caption: RHOC actors Peggy Physically turn off Meghan’s Mouth

Q & A Sections

What is Peggy Sulahian famed for?

Peggy Sulahian is a fact TV personality renowned for appearing in the Bravo TV show, The real Housewives the Orange County.

What is Peggy Sulahian’s age?

Peggy Sulahian’s present age is 39.

When go she first joined The genuine Housewives that Orange County?

Peggy Sulahian join the main cast of RHOC in season 13.

What is the huge sign the Peggy Sulahian?

Her huge sign is Leo.

What is Peggy Sulahian’s net worth?

As the now, Peggy Sulahian’s network worth is $6 million.

Who to be Peggy Sulahian formerly married to?

Peggy Sulahian was previously married to tradition wheel mogul, Diko Sulahian.

When they walk they divorce?

The former pair got divorced in 1996.

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How many children do lock have?

They had actually three children, daughters Giovanna(born 1998), Gianelle(born 2001), and KoKo (born 2010).

Peggy Sulahian Wiki Table

Full NamePeggy Sulahian
Age46 years old
Net worth$6 million
ProfessionThe reality TV personality
TV showsReal Housewives that Orange County
Martial StatusDivorced
HusbandDiko Sulahian(m 1995 div 1996)