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Okay, therefore this concern they go a inspection of 1000 families, and also they discovered that the average height of the husband's 1 68 inches with the Senate deviation the 2.7 customs the average elevation of the wife of 63 inches v the typical deviation that 2.5 inches and also our value as soon as looking at the partnership of doing these two waas 0.25 s o the oneness because that party because that party. Castle want united state to predict the elevation of the wife. If the husband's heights in 72 inches s o to walk doing this first, what we're gonna perform is discover how many's standard deviations above the average. The husband is therefore 72 a minus, and also the average home husband had a 68. Well, the separated by the conventional deviation the the husband height. With just 2.7 and also we put the new calculator, girlfriend get about 1.5 traditional deviations above average, uh, average. Okay. And then, because the husband was one point last year, deviations above average, our value is 0.25 so the wife will certainly be 1.5 time our worth of 0.25 uh, i beg your pardon is around zero suggest for this many. Thin and deviations over the wife median the average for a wife. Therefore the wife that i haven't tried come the wife is 63 inches, Um, and she's allude for standard deviations above doctor's 0.0.4 times the wife's 10 divisions, 2.5. And then, if you experienced that, it's around 64. Inge's so moving on to component B bomb device you paged there? so for component B, we're sort of act the very same thing. Other than the husband is 64 inch in height, and also we're predicting the heights the the wife provided the backup husband 64 inches. For this reason we're gonna find how many's in deviations listed below the median husband is so the husband median in 68 and also then this husband in this situation, in details 64 inches. I divide that by the husbands in a deviation of 2.7, and also then friend you discover that the this husband is one point 1.5 Senate deviations below average. Well, that's just estimate, um, and then so the wife will certainly be because our value is there a 0.25 climate the wife would be 1.5 time 0.25 our value. This minister interventions below average. So 0.4 diluent deviations listed below average. Therefore we're gonna do, um, the wife average, which is 63 minus zero allude for Senate divisions, is your 0.0.4 time the wife's innovation, i beg your pardon is 2.5. Then we placed them. Take hike. Later, you'll obtain it for 62 inches. So that's the prize for part B. Come and then relocate on the part. See? for this reason Parsi, they say, Um, if the husband's elevation it's 68 inches, then they want us to guess the elevation of the wife. And, um, in this case, the husband's height is around the average. For this reason if you wanted to predict the heights the the wife, the would just be at the average. Therefore the wife would be in ~ the mean for the wife, i beg your pardon is, uh, let's watch of 63 inches. Um, due to the fact that that this husband is the average end this for this reason the wife it all spit average. And the factor for this is because, uh, notice on the earlier problems were saying us were looking at how many San deviations above or below. Um, since this has been, it's not. It's simply right at the median in the wife. It'll speed up the average. Another way to think about it if girlfriend wantto go with this whole methodology again, is the this husband is zero typical deviations above average. So the wife would be zero times 0.25 dinner deviations for the wife's over average, so just be at mean as well. It's for the wife two, and also then that's as soon as I want to party, Pardy says. If the husband is unknown, sorry if the height of the husband is unknown. Friend want united state to suspect the elevation of the woman? Uh, in this case, if we wanted to put it higher, the woman we simply say that we would need to just predict the mean of the woman of the wife.

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I'm therefore the typical of the wife is 63 inches started there and party Um, since the elevation of the husband's unknown in order to predict would certainly basically just be predicting the height of the wife, um, without any extra information and most likely if us don't have any other offered information the height of the mam is most likely simply average if we have to make a forecast without any type of other knowledge. So, yeah, What the help?