Paulo Costa had actually to walk v Uriah Hall’s jab simply to acquire close sufficient to struggle him, but he do the blows count once he gained there.

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A barrage of strength punches indigenous Costa (12-0 MMA, 4-0 UFC) ultimately put room (13-9 MMA, 6-7 UFC) down from a mix of shots to the head and also body, happen the TKO stoppage at the 2:38 mark of ring 2.

The middleweight bout closed out the preliminary card of today’s UFC 226 event at T-Mobile Arena in las Vegas. The aired ~ above FS1 following additional prelims ~ above UFC fight Pass and ahead the the main card on pay-per-view.


UFC 226 play-by-play and also live results

UFC 226 conversation thread


COSTA FINISHES room OFF after ~ a CRAZY back and soon exchange! Wow!!!#UFC226

— UFC (
ufc) July 8, 2018

While Costa got the end up in the end, that struggled at first with Hall’s reach and also his jab. As Costa adhered to his opponent around the cage in the at an early stage going, he uncovered himself consistently tagged by Hall’s left as he tried come close the distance.

But after short stoppages for this reason Costa can be warned for both short blows and also extending his fingers towards Hall’s eyes, he finally started to bull his method in so late in the very first – and also that’s once he made room pay.


UFC 226 play-by-play and also live results

UFC 226 conversation thread

For every one of Hall’s success when the fight remained at a distance, in close he uncovered himself too stationary a target. As he spanned up against the fence, Costa vibration to his body with punishing hooks, throwing nothing however power shots, which showed up to take their toll heading right into the 2nd round.

There, ~ a short comeback indigenous Hall many thanks to a respond to right hand above the ear, Costa gathered momentum the Hall simply couldn’t halt. As Hall withered against the fence, Costa poured on the punch combos, sneaking one uppercut through Hall’s guard and also then drilling him through a appropriate hand come the human body that sent him crashing down.

With room laying face-first on the canvas, referee note Smith quickly moved in to prevent the struggle midway v the second, sparing Hall any further damage.

“This is just one more victory ~ above my means to the civilization title,” Costa said. “Now I desire to challenge a top fighter. I want to fight chris Weidman. No one in this department can win against me. Ns the most an effective middleweight and also I’m reflecting that in every fight. Uriah had very an excellent timing and connected the jabs, yet I knew he would certainly not have the ability to handle mine power. I’m prepared for the following battle.”

The success keeps Costa perfect as a professional, through all 4 of his UFC victories comes by way of TKO or KO. Hall has actually now lost 4 of his critical five.

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Up-to-the-minute UFC 226 outcomes include:

Paulo Costa def. Uriah hall via TKO (punches) – round 2, 2:38

For finish coverage the UFC 226, examine out the UFC events section the the site.

(’s Mike Bohn, john Morgan and also Ken Hathaway added to this report on website in las Vegas.)