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Take a watch at this cool homemade Paul Bunyan and also Babe the Blue Ox Costumes shared with us by costume enthusiasts from roughly the world. In addition to the costumes here, you’ll additionally find loads of homemade costume ideas and also DIY Halloween costume catalyst for your following costume project. Enjoy!

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I love Halloween. If that was as much as me, ns would adjust my costume every hour, on the hour. Simply so I might be every good idea. Unfortunately, I’m not rich sufficient to buy 20 different costumes, plus there just isn’t enough hours in the job to adjust that plenty of times. But, I have the right to still … read more


My friend Ian and also I have actually been together for just over two years and also we have always made our very own costumes. So much we have actually dressed up as Pebbles and also Bam bam, and also John Smith and also Pocahantas, therefore I absolutely wanted to store the couples template going because that this year. Ian actually come up through … check out more


My husband and I went as Paul Bunyan and also Babe the Blue Ox because that Halloween this year. Due to the fact that my husband isn’t too fond that dressing up, I decided a costume that would be nearly exactly favor what he wears ~ above a day-to-day basis (a button-up flannel shirt and jeans) and added suspenders…voila’, a homemade Paul … read more

I job-related at Kmart,(lame i know) but sell these giant Snickers bars, and a coworker and also I to be talking around them. Once she also mentioned she wasn’t sure what to be for Halloween that had me thinking around costume ideas. Climate it hit me! If you were to make a small town or In Paul … read more

Every year i look forward to coming up v a an innovative DIY costume and also playing the out, however every year it’s hard to obtain the same excitement from my boyfriend. This year I chose to determined something an easy but an imaginative – Paul Bunyan and also Babe the Blue ox. His costume: I job-related in a authorize shop, so i took … review more

Homemade Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox couple Costume. Everything home made, easy and creative with simply a couple of trips come Hobby Lobby. The best means to go around Babe is to find things because that a cow costume and to repaint them blue with acrylic paint. Paul’s apparel were all discovered at an neck … read more

Ohhhh well we’re from MINNESOTA don’cha know? lol. Yes mine boyfriend and also I thought that it would be creative to dedicate our costumes this year come the folk lore that has actually statues anywhere our an excellent state… not just that… but we’ve never seen anyone carry out it… and well because that me, I invested the night … review more

As a child, my favorite Walt Disney brief was Paul Bunyan. My one year old, Cash is a lot favor Paul Bunyan, just in a tiny baby body! he is at sight playful, strong, and independent. I discussed how ns was going to do Babe The Blue Ox. I sought a stuffed or toy ox. … check out more

My Homemade little Paul Bunyan Optical Illusion Halloween Costume Idea came around as ns pondered all the cool illusionary costumes I’ve watched over the years. Ns figured it wouldn’t be too hard to find the apparel for the top fifty percent of the costume. I already had many of it – structure hat, T-shirt, flannel shirt, … read more

My boyfriend and also I always shot to come up with a couples themed costume. We love do our very own costumes since they constantly end up much better than something you have the right to buy in the store. Originality and also creativity walk a long way. After a year the brainstorming, ns was finally inspired through a vintage souvenir bowl … read more

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