panic is back With Brand new Material

Theatrical party punk quartet Panic! at The Disco is back with a brand brand-new album and is more theatrical than ever! 2018 will watch the outfit hit the road in support of sixth studio album Pray because that the Wicked. Led by guy-liner ringmaster and primary songwriter Brandon Urie, panic is renowned because that its quirky fusion of synth bops, baroque pop and also poetic lyrics.

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The guys infuse their live reflects with as lot energy, bravado and vaudville-esque showmanship together showcased in your relentlessly catchy tunes. Singing their killer hooks, Urie can regularly be discovered in velvet, leopard publish or sequins, playing approximately his master-of-ceremonies duty with sufficient gusto come overshadow Liberace himself. Life is a twisted, yet funny cabaret!



Performance date: 3 respectable 2018

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You might be compelled to have had actually a COVID vaccine in order to to visit this performance or present proof that a an unfavorable test. Please call the venue straight for an ext information on this.

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