The tape kicked off your tour’s second leg critical night wherein they played a track because that the first time.

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Panic! at The Disco kicked off the second leg that their highly anticipated Pray for The Wicked tour last night in Buffalo, and we seriously can’t gain over the show’s opening night.

The band debuted the tour’s 2nd leg critical night (Jan. 10) in Buffalo, brand-new York at the KeyBank Center. During the show, pan shared many pictures and also videos on social media, and also one even shared the setlist native the show’s an initial night, as evidenced by

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In enhancement to epos track’s indigenous the band’s recent Pray because that The Wicked and highlights indigenous the rest of their discography, Panic! at The Disco likewise played a track for the an initial time.

Back in October, we learned Panic would be joining numerous others because that The biggest Showman’s revised soundtrack called The biggest Showman — Reimagined. Top top it, they do their own rendition the “The best Show,” which was played live for the very first time last night.

The band likewise played “One that The Drunks” live because that the an initial time. They also delivered your beloved Brian May-approved covering of “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Check the end the setlist from the first night below.

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Panic! at The Disco setlist

1. “(Fuck A) silver- Lining”2. “Don’t Threaten Me through A an excellent Time”3. “Ready To walk (Get Me out Of my Mind)”4. “Hey watch Ma, i Made It”5. “LA Devotee”6. “Hallelujah”7. “Crazy=Genius”8. “The Ballad that Mona Lisa”9. “Nine In The Afternoon”10. “One the The Drunks” *live debut11. “Casual Affair”12. “Vegas Lights”13. “Dancing’s not a Crime”14. “This Is Gospel”15. “Death the A Bachelor”16. “I Can’t do You Love Me” (Bonnie Raitt cover)17. “Dying in LA”18. “The greatest Show” *live debut19. “Girls/Girls/Boys”20. “King of The Clouds”21. “High Hopes”22. “Miss Jackson”23. “Roaring 20s”24. “Bohemian Rhapsody” (Queen cover)25. “Emperor’s new Clothes”Encore26. “Say Amen (Saturday Night)”27. “I create Sins no Tragedies”28. “Victorious”

The band space on the roadway with assistance from two Feet with February. Check out a complete list of dates below and also pick up her tickets here.


01/12 – Laval, QC
location Bell01/13 – Manchester, NH
SNHU Arena01/15 – Albany, NY
times Union Center01/16 – Brooklyn, NY
Barclays Center01/18 – Newark, NJ
Prudential Center01/19 – Providence, RI
Dunkin’ Donuts Center01/20 – Washington, D.C.
resources One Arena01/22 – Charlotte, NC
Spectrum Center01/23 – Charlottesville, VA
john Paul Johns Arena01/25 – Nashville, TN
Bridgestone Arena01/26 – Cincinnati, five
U.S. Financial institution Arena01/27 – Milwaukee, WI
Wisconsin entertainment Center01/29 – grand Rapids, MI
The van Andel Arena01/30 – Cleveland, five
Quicken loans Arena02/01 – Omaha, NE
CenturyLink Center02/02 – Kansas City, MO
sprint Center02/04 – Rosemont, IL
Allstate Arena02/05 – Saint Louis, MO
companies Center02/06 – Memphis, TN
FedExForum02/08 – Austin, TX
frank Erwin Center02/09 – new Orleans, LA
Smoothie King Center02/12 – Albuquerque, NM
Tingley Coliseum02/14 – Anaheim, CA
Honda Center02/15 – Inglewood, CA
The Forum02/16 – san Diego, CA
Valley check out Casino Center02/19 – Oakland, CA
ORACLE Arena02/20 – Sacramento, CA
Golden1 Center