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fight in Nagoya, much like the first season that Seraph the the End, had a series of extra gags in its home video clip release. They're mostly comedy-based and only exist to deliver a light-hearted feel to an otherwise dark and also gritty series. The said, room they good? Well, let's hop on and also find out!StoryThese shorts attribute comedic sport of scenes from battle in Nagoya. The only significant difference is that rather of making use of Yuuichirou as the single butt-monkey, this season switches targets and isn't afraid of utilizing other personalities for comedy. Lot like the an initial season, the gags in this season aren't bad, however they aren't other to create home around either. They're just an excellent enough. (7/10)CharactersIt feel refreshing to see personalities from one otherwise dark and serious show experience some comedic moment every once in a while. (8/10)ArtThe shorts are fairly cheaply made and just reuse shots from battle in Nagoya. That said, fight in Nagoya's visual top quality is so great that there wasn't lot to screw increase here. (8/10)SoundSince i watched the very first season in English, it feels refresh to listen to the original voice actors, particularly when some of my personal favorites, choose Kaito Ishikawa, Saori Hayami and Aya frickin' Endou, partake in this series. I'm starting get a bit fond of Miyu Irino, yet I still like Micah Solusod's performances as Yuu. (8/10)OverallBattle in Nagoya wasn't simply a action in the right direction for Seraph the the End, it to be a sprint, for this reason it's stands to reason that this shorts room funnier and an ext enjoyable than those attached come the an initial season. It's quite to view that Seraph of the finish isn't fear of poking fun of itself and also bring some much-needed light-heartedness to such a dark and bleak atmosphere. (8/10)