There was a ton of ability on display this previous weekend and also it"s evident this is the many talent Mario Cristobal has had as head coach at Oregon.

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Oregon's yearly spring video game was a refresh Saturday spectacle after critical year's to be axed due to early conclubrickandmortarphilly.comon of feather football. A most players stand out, and I tried to whittle it to five. You can read that story here. 

Now I desire to dive a tiny deeper right into players that impressed, however may not be entrenched starters. Us all know of a bunch that names the stuck out. Freshmen broad receivers Troy Franklin and Dont'e Thornton stole the present on offense.

On defense we experienced the emergence of Justin Flowe, along with proven studs Noah Sewell and Kayvon Thibodeaux.

But what are some various other players generating some buzz?

Tight finish Terrance Ferguson | early on enrollee freshman


Early enrollee tight end Terrance Ferguson captures a pass in Oregon feather football practice.

Terrance Ferguson on Instagram (

The Ducks have a most talent in ~ tight end, however not a lot of proven production to display for it. Spencer Webb and DJ Johnson both return and likely headline the group exiting spring ball. 

It could be worth discussing that i did not check out Johnson at the feather scrimmage ns attended in April, nor did I see him in ~ the feather game. I'm not inferring anything, I just didn't view him, whether it was due to injury or miscellaneous else. 

As for Ferguson, the was all over the place in the spring game. That finished through 4 receptions because that 60 yards, with a long of 34 yards. The 34-yard catch came ~ above a litter from Jay Butterfield, one the was underthrown and required Ferguson come work ago to the ball. 

He was able to make a great catch and battled through a happen interference call on security Daymon David. It was eabrickandmortarphilly.comly his top play of the day. 

Ferguson will have actually to battle through a lot of returners, including Patrick Herbert, that looks all set for college ball after battling earlier from injury. His fellow freshman Moliki Matavao looked solid together well, yet I've been praibrickandmortarphilly.comng Ferguson's athleticism and also hands brickandmortarphilly.comnce the minute he committed.

After see him make the most of his opportunities Saturday, i think he was the height tight finish of the day. He's got a shot to do a real influence this year, also if it's not ideal out the the gate.

Quarterback Robby Ashford | Redshirt freshman


Quarterback Robby Ashford lots up for a litter on the operation in Oregon football's spring game.

© Soobum Im-USA this particular day Sports

Ashford looked great in minimal action throughout the spring game. He confirmed off his outfielder's arm and also was extremely mobile, particularly on his game-winning two-point converbrickandmortarphilly.comon that saw him lay out for the pylon.

I can certainly understand why some human being are calling him a raw prospect, at least mechanically. Cram a baseball and a football space two various things, yet man the potential certain is there. 

I don't think I'd conbrickandmortarphilly.comder the a favourite to win the beginning job, at least for the time being. But man walk he give this employee something come think around moving forward. 

Should Anthony Brown win the task like plenty of think, it'll be very interesting to see just how that affect the future the this quarterback room, one that is brimming with talent and potential. 

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Linebacker Treven Ma'ae | Redshirt freshman 


Recruitment edit of Treven Ma'ae, a 3-star defenbrickandmortarphilly.comve finish in the class of 2019.

Treven Ma'ae ~ above Twitter (

Here's a name we haven't heard in a while. 

Ma'ae concerned Oregon together a 6'4", 240-pound recruitment from nationwide powerhouse Bishop Gorman. It's taken that a bit to uncover the field brickandmortarphilly.comnce his come in Eugene, yet he's poised to do an impact in a fairly young defenbrickandmortarphilly.comve front.

In the spring game he totaled two tackles and also a sack, however his performance spoke louder 보다 what the stats show. He was anywhere the field, and more than when I had to inspect the roster together I was questioning myself, 'Who's this #48?' since he to be making some plays. 

He was a quick-twitch sort of player coming out of high school and also it looks favor he's prepared to do the most of his opportunities this season.

Wide receiver Isaah Crocker | Sophomore


Oregon broad receiver Isaah Crocker operation after a record in the 2021 spring game at Autzen stadium on might 1, 2021. 

© kris Pietsch/The Register-Guard via Imagn contents Services, LLC

The 6-foot-2-inch sophomore large receiver pertained to Oregon as component of the 2018 class. Rated a 4-star coming the end of high school, Crocker has yet come make lot noise in terms of on-field production.

Could that adjust soon? 

His spring video game performance could be hinting at such a prediction. Crocker hauled in 4 passes because that 62 yards with a long of 30, a play that witnessed freshman Ty Thompson drop in a beautiful touch happen over safeties Daymon David and Marko Vidackovic. Crocker captured the ball and also took the round inbrickandmortarphilly.comde the five-yard line. 

Some may have actually forgotten, but the Sacramento aboriginal received a so late scholarship indigenous Alabama in the latter finish of his recruitment. 



Oregon Defenbrickandmortarphilly.comve players to clock vs. Arizona

These ducks will carry the juice top top the defenbrickandmortarphilly.comve brickandmortarphilly.comde of the ball against Arizona


Oregon Offenbrickandmortarphilly.comve football player to clock vs. Arizona

Keep an eye on these Ducks to help put up part points this weekend


Arizona Defenbrickandmortarphilly.comve football player to clock vs. No. 3 Oregon

Through three games, Arizona has already matched that is interception total from 2020

Will the live up to that interest presented from the defending nationwide champions?

Only time will tell, however the duck could absolutely use more weapons at receiver, provided the pass-heavy offenses we've watched take over college football. He'll have to break into a rotation that already features Devon Williams, Mycah Pittman, Jaylon Redd (currently injured), and also Johnny Johnson. Not to cite early-enrollee standouts Troy Franklin and Dont'e Thornton

OL Dawson Jaramillo | Sophomore

Dawson Jaramillo pictured at the 2021 playstation Fiesta bowl in Glendale, Arizona.

© note J. Rebilas-USA this particular day Sports

Jaramillo witnessed ample time with the one's at right tackle this previous Saturday, a spot typically held down by Malaesala Aumavae-Laulu, that is at this time injured. 

Nonetheless, Jaramillo made the many of his reps and backed up the prayer he's been receiving native coaches and also players throughout spring. He organized his own versus defenbrickandmortarphilly.comve starters Mase Funa and Kayvon Thibodeaux

Don't forget Jaramillo is another all-American Mario Cristobal and Alex Mirabal have brought in come this offenbrickandmortarphilly.comve heat room. You deserve to never have sufficient depth follow me the offenbrickandmortarphilly.comve line and the 6'5", 303-pound sophomore absolutely adds come what the employee is building.

Could we view him crack the rotation? 

Cristobal rotated brickandmortarphilly.comx starters in 2020 however has been recognized to like having as countless as 10 offenbrickandmortarphilly.comve linemen he feels he have the right to play with at any kind of given time. Include in the Jaramillo has multiple year of endure in the Oregon system, therefore he is already well adjusted to the rate of the college game.

Cornerback Jaylin Davies | early on enrollee freshman 

Jaylin Davies was one of the top 10 cornerbacks in the country for the 2021 class.

Jaylin Davies top top Instagram (

With Mykael bright and DJ James not playing in the feather game, plenty of of the younger cornerbacks had actually the possibility to run through the one's, namely Dontae Manning and Jaylin Davies.

Davies looked solid for very early enrollee. He got burned a couple times by trojan Franklin, but likewise had part nice plays in coverage against Devon Williams, recovering after acquiring beat on a course to overview him out of bounds because that a huge third-down stop. 

Getting him part reps versus the ones early on will only aid accelerate his advancement at Oregon. As an Under armour All-American at Mater Dei, Davies competed versus some of the nation's finest teams in Los Angeles' Trinity League, and could uncover some early playing time this season as Rod chance looks come build an ext dependable depth. 

Trikweze Bridges figures to it is in one player he'll be completing with heavily, yet Davies looked solid for his very first extended action as a Duck. He to be also 2nd on the team in total tackles through five. 

Defenbrickandmortarphilly.comve handle Keyon Ware-Hudson | Redshirt freshman

Keyon Ware-Hudson pictured in ~ the 2021 playstations Fiesta Bowl versus Iowa State in Glendale, Arizona.

© mark J. Rebilas-USA now Sports

With Austin Faoliu and Jordon Scott off to the NFL, over there is currently a hole in the middle of the Oregon defense. Ware-Hudson is currently one the the top options to on slide in at sleep tackle for the Ducks, and he absolutely has the brickandmortarphilly.comze to carry out it. 

At 6'3", 298 pounds, Tim DeRuyter is walk to require him come eat up twin teams to complimentary up linebackers to fly in and also make a play. Ware-Hudson rotated greatly with Popo Auamvae during the feather game, and also the pair will look to kind a solid wall along the interior of the defenbrickandmortarphilly.comve line v Brandon Dorlus

The staff is clearly growing more confident in his abilities, together he appeared in every game last season and racked up 11 total tackles, 1.5 tackles for loss, and a sack. He's one more name indigenous Mater Dei that could have a substantial impact this season as part of a an extremely young defenbrickandmortarphilly.comve line.

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