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Story and Summary-

Saitama is waiting for the Hero association to decision if they want him to fight against the Sea King or not. In the shelter, Genos come a delivers a substantial a attack on the Sea King and it seems he is defeated. Genos allows his security down and one the his eight is ripped off by the Sea King. Genos speak the world to run and he beginning distracting the Sea King from them.

He also says his win is no assured. Genos is law his task to save the people but Sea King launches attack on Genos and they start fighting every other. A small girl urges Genos however Sea King throws part acid top top the little girl and also says she will certainly be burned soon. Genos took every the acid on himself and he is nearly burnt down in front of that small girl.

Sea King throw Genos out of the shelter on street and he is ready to kill him. As Sea King is transferring the final blow top top Genos he is disturbed by Mumen driver from behind. Mumen driver is assaulted by Sea King and it is break up he can not loss the Sea King.

The world starts cheering because that Mumen Rider and it makes him an ext courage. Mumer Rider assaults on Sea King because that the final time however heavily injured by Sea King’s attack. Mumer driver is thrown in the air and caught by Saitama. It seems the Hero association told that the location of the Sea King to analysis the actual power the Saitama.

Saitama and Sea King exchanged a few words with each other and he experienced Genos is hurt on the street. Saitama it is intended one beat to Sea King and also he is defeated. The citizens space praising Saitama. Speed O Sonic additionally arrives in the city again to confront with the Sea King but he realize he must have flee.

Saitama and also Genos space going earlier to house from shopping, they obtain a shipment mail native drone through Hero Association. Both starts reading the letter in ~ home. Genos is praised and Saitama gets a letter full of hate, calling that a cheater. The story entered the previous at the moment when Saitama beat the Sea King. The human being are cheering and also amazed by Saitama’s victory.

A human from the citizens comes ahead and starts criticizing the heroes. He states there must have actually some type of frauds since a C class Hero beat the Sea King but other extremely ranked heroes 보다 him don’t. The person likewise states the Sea King must have been exhausted after fighting v so lot heroes and that’s why that is defeated by Saitama in one punch.

Saitama is laughing after ~ hearing all these things and he downplays his own victory by speak the various other heroes space the actual reason behind the defeat of Sea King. As the other heroes fights through Sea King before, it renders his occupational easy. Saitama tells people to treatment for the dead and also injured heroes and also continue to support them. The people starts accepting Saitama together a fraud and credit getter.

Genos additionally decides not to interfere v Saitama’s thinking to it is in a fraud. The story came ago at the current time and also Saitama gets a final letter. He opens the letter and there to be a say thanks to you composed on it. Genos hand him an official letter from Hero Association because that a meeting. Saitama attends the meeting and also informed he is currently C Class first Rank and offers a promo to the in B Class. Saitama accepts the offer and now he officially move in B course Rank 101.

Sweet Mask is functioning at a place and also his subordinate speak him about the promo of Saitama to B Class. Sweet Mask doesn’t care around the short rankings other than A and S Class. He was disappointed through the occupational of A and S course Rank Heroes against the Sea King. He changed his mind when he acquire to know that Saitama beat the Sea King.

In the hospital, Lightning Max and also Stinger are reading the news paper. They are disturbed by Puri Puri sinner who wants an angel Shots top top both of them. Both escapes indigenous the place and also Puri Puri sinner grabs the newspaper. He was upset too as soon as he was referred to as as a S Rank fail in the newspaper. Saitama is going to house after his promo in the evening.

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He observed a hotel whereby something tasty is cooking. That enters in the hotel and also saw Mumen driver sitting next to him. Mumen driver reveals that the give thanks to you letter was sent out by him. Mumen rider is paying because that the dinner now. Shibabawa who is a fortune teller warns the main of Hero Association the the earth is doomed.