Variable costs are prices that:a. Vary in full directly and proportionately with transforms in the activity level.b. Stay the very same per unit at every task level.c. Neither of the above.d. Both (a) and also (b) above.

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The relevant variety is:a. The selection of activity in which variable prices will it is in curvilinear.b. The range of task in i m sorry fixed expenses will be curvilinear.c. The range over which the firm expects come operate throughout a year.d. Normally from zero come 100% of operation capacity.
Mixed expenses consist the a:a. Variable-cost element and also a fixed-cost element.b. Fixed-cost element and a controllable-cost element.c. Relevant-cost element and also a controllable-cost element.d. Variable-cost element and also a relevant-cost element.
Your cell phone service provider offers a arrangement that is classified together a combined cost. The expense per month because that 1,000 minute is $50. If you usage 2,000 minutes this month, your cost will be:a. $50.b. $100.c. Much more than $100.d. In between $50 and also $100.
Kendra Corporation"s full utility costs during the previous year were $1,200 during its greatest month and $600 during its shortest month. This costs synchronized with 10,000 systems of production during the high month and 2,000 units throughout the low month. What space the fixed and also variable components of the utility expenses using the high-low method?a. $0.075 variable and $450 fixed.b. $0.120 variable and $0 fixed.c. $0.300 variable and $0 fixed.d. $0.060 variable and also $600 fixed.
Which the the complying with is not connected in CVP analysis?a. Sales mix.b. Unit marketing prices.c. Fixed costs per unit.d. Volume or level that activity.
When compare a classic income statement come a CVP earnings statement:a. Net income will constantly be greater on the classic statement.b. Net earnings will constantly be much less on the timeless statement.c. Net earnings will always be the same on both.d. Net revenue will be better or less depending upon the sales volume.
Contribution margin:a. Is revenue staying after deducting change costs.b. Might be expressed as unit contribution margin.c. Is marketing price less cost of products sold.d. Both (a) and (b) above.
Cournot agency sells 100,000 wrenches for $12 a unit. Fixed costs are $300,000, and also net earnings is $200,000. What have to be reported together variable costs in the CVP earnings statement?a. $700,000.b. $900,000.c. $500,000.d. $1,000,000.
Gossen firm is plan to offer 200,000 pliers because that $4 every unit. The contribution margin proportion is 25%. If Gossen will break also at this level of sales, what are the solved costs?a. $100,000.b. $160,000.c. $200,000.d. $300,000.
Brownstone Company"s contribution margin ratio is 30%. If Brownstone"s sales revenue is $100 better than its break-even sales in dollars, its net income:a. Will be $100.b. Will be $70.c. Will be $30.d. Cannot be figured out without learning fixed costs.
The math equation for computer required sales to attain target net earnings is compelled sales =a. Variable costs + Target network Incomeb. Variable expenses + Fixed expenses + Target net Incomec. Fixed expenses + Target network Incomed. No correct answer is given.

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Margin of safety is computed as:a. Really Sales — Break-Even Salesb. Donation Margin — fixed Costsc. Break-Even Sales — change Costsd. Yes, really Sales — donation Margin
Marshall agency had yes, really sales that $600,000 when break-even sales to be $420,000. What is the margin of safety ratio?a. 25%.b. 30%.c. 33 1/3 %d. 45%.



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