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"Once in a Lifetime" is a song co-written and also recorded through Australian country music artist Keith Urban. It to be released in august 2006 together the first single indigenous his 2006 album Love, ache & the whole Crazy Thing. Metropolitan wrote this track with man Shanks. ~ above the U. S. Billboard Hot nation Songs graph dated for the main of 2 September 2006, the song gone into at No. 17, setup what to be then a brand-new record for the highest-debuting tune in the background of the modern-day country music charts. The previous document was held by Eddie Rabbitt"s "Every Which means But Loose" and Garth Brooks" "Good drive Cowboy", both of i beg your pardon debuted at #18 (in 1979 and 2005, respectively). More »

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I have the right to see the in her eyes and also feel it in her touchI understand that you"re scared, but you"ve never been this lovedIt"s a lengthy shot, baby, I know it"s trueBut if anyone deserve to make it, I"m betting on me and youJust keep on relocating in to meI recognize you"re going to seeThe ideal is yet to comeDon"t fear it now; we"re going all the wayWhere the sunlight is bright on a brand new dayIt"s a long method down, and also it"s a leap of faithBut I"m never giving up "cause I recognize we got a once in a lifetime loveEverybody"s trying to find what we"ve foundSome wait their entirety lives and it never comes aroundSo don"t hold back nowJust let walk of all you"ve ever before knownAnd put your hand in mineI close my eyes, and also I view you standing appropriate thereSaying "I do," and also they"re cram rice in our hairThen the very first one"s born; then a brothers comes along, and also he"s got your smileI"ll be looking back at the life we had still at your sideSo don"t fear it now, we"re going all the wayWhere the sunlight is shining on a brand new dayIt"s a long way down, and it"s a leap the faithBut I"m never providing up "cause I recognize we obtained a as soon as in a lifetime love

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Keith city Keith Lionel metropolitan (born 26 October 1967) is a brand-new Zealand-born Australian country music singer, songwriter and guitarist who commercial success has been mostly in the unified States, Canada and also Australia. Metropolitan was born in new Zealand and began his job in Australia at very early age. In 1991, he released a self-titled debut album, and charted four singles in Australia prior to moving come the United states in 1992.

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Eventually, Urban uncovered work together a session guitarist before starting a band known as The Ranch, which videotaped one studio album on Capitol Records and also charted two singles ~ above the Billboard nation charts. An ext »