A tripleheader of bowl action on Friday starts through the just postseason game external of the unified States, together Eastern Michigan and Old rule meet in the third edition the the Bahamas Bowl. The matchup of the Monarchs and Eagles is among the finest feel-good stories of the key season. Old ascendancy is do its very first postseason pilgrimage in routine history, while eastern Michigan is play in its very first bowl since 1987.

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Eastern Michigan’s turnaround under third-year coach kris Creighton has been among the ideal storylines that the 2016 season. This job is one of the toughest in the nation, however Creighton guided the Eagles come their an initial winning mark since 1995 and also engineered a six-game development after a 1-11 document in 2015. For part perspective on how difficult this job is, eastern Michigan has actually just 3 non-losing records because 1990. The Eagles knocked off two division champs this year – Ohio (MAC East) and Wyoming (Mountain West hill Division). The addition of coordinator Neal Neathery has been among the biggest reasons for advancement in Ypsilanti. The Eagles restricted opponents to just 5.8 yards per play – a clear improvement after surrendering 7.02 in 2015.

Behind coach (and rising star) Bobby Wilder, Old rule has to be on a fast rise because restarting its regimen in 2009. The kings disbanded the football program after the 1940 season yet returned to the gridiron in 2009. Together an FCS Independent from 2009-10, Old ascendancy went 17-5 and later went 21-5 v two playoff trips native 2011-12. The queens transitioned as a FCS elevation in 2013 (8-4) and also recorded a .500 season (6-6) in their an initial year at the FBS level. ODU went 5-7 critical season but rebounded come 9-3 and also lost only one conference game this fall. The monarchs recorded a solid nine-win resume, with the just losses coming versus Appalachian State, NC State and also WKU. ODU has one of the top offenses in Conference USA (36 ppg), if the defense boundaries opponents to 5.4 yards every play.

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Old Dominion and Eastern Michigan have actually played two previous matchups. The Monarchs have actually won both games, consisting of a 38-34 shootout in Ypsilanti critical season. ODU winner 17-3 in Norfolk, Va. In 2014.

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Old rule vs. Eastern Michigan (Bahamas Bowl)

Kickoff: Friday, Dec. 23 in ~ 1 p.m. ET

TV Channel: ESPN

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Three points to Watch

1. Eastern Michigan’s passing Attack

The stamin of eastern Michigan’s offense is the passing game. The Eagles rank 2nd in the MAC through averaging 295.8 yards per video game through the air, through quarterback Brogan Roback throwing for 2,394 yards and also 16 scores in nine games. Playing mistake-free sphere is always key for a quarterback, but Roback’s break-up stats present how critical turnovers have been because that this offense. In 4 losses the Roback played in, the small tossed 5 picks and also completed 55.6 percent that his throws. However, in 5 wins, Roback threw for 11 touchdowns and completed 62.7 that his passes. Roback isn’t a dynamic runner, yet he’s not a frostbite in the pocket either. The junior rushed for 195 yards and two scores ~ above 195 tote this season.