, N.Y. -- pulled off a stunning 75-67 come-from-behind success over Notre Dame top top Saturday afternoon in ~ the carrier Dome.

You are watching: Notre dame vs syracuse score trailed 46-32 at halftime, dropped behind by 20 points early in the second fifty percent and still challenged a 58-41 deficit with just over 13 minutes continuing to be in the game.

But coach Jim Boeheim saw his fullcourt press and inserted Kadary Richmond and Robert Braswell into the lineup.

Buddy Boeheim and also Quincy Guerrier struggle back-to-back 3-pointers together SU narrowed the margin come 60-59 v 8:26 remaining. Boeheim drained another 3 to give its first lead the the video game at 62-60.

Boeheim perfect the video game with a career-high 29 points on six 3-pointers. His previous ideal was 26 points, which that registered versus both Virginia Tech and also Georgia tech last season.

Notre Dame dropped to 9-11 because that the season and 6-8 in the conference. Notre Dame entered the game ranked 64th in the NCAA’s network rankings, meaning this was a Quad 2 game for

After top by as many as 19 points, the irish took a 46-32 advantage into the intermission ~ making 18 that 33 (54 percent) field goal attempts in the an initial half. Notre Dame linked on seven out of 14 shots indigenous 3-point range.

Notre Dame started the game looking within to center Juwan Durham. Top top a collection of lob passes, Durham scored 10 the the Irish’s very first 17 points. After ~ Durham compelled come think around the interior, Notre Dame started exploiting its lot of shooting choices on the outside. Trey Wertz, Cormac Ryan and Prentiss Hubb every made at least two 3-pointers in the an initial half.

On the other end of the court,’s violation looked favor a collection of one-on-one moves. There was tiny movement.’s optimal two scorers, Alan Griffin and also Quincy Guerrier, an unified to score simply seven points on 2-for-10 field goal shooting.

While Notre Dame had actually 15 assists on its 18 ar goals, had actually just six assists on its 13 make shots in the half. is scheduled to beat at battle each other on Monday in the an initial of two directly road games that will fall into Quadrant 1. The Orange is at Georgia Tech next Saturday.

Juli Boeheim, stuck watching games at home, ~ above superstitions, what she misses most and also why her youngsters avoid her

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