Navy quarterback Zach Abey, center, scores a touchdown against Notre Dame top top Saturday in mountain Diego. (Gregory Bull/AP)
SAN DIEGO — Ian publication threw because that 330 yards and also two touchdowns, Dexter Williams ran for 142 yards and three scores and No. 3 Notre Dame overwhelmed marine 44-22 on Saturday night to remain undefeated and also in the playoff picture.

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JaFar Armstrong added a rushing touchdown because that the Fighting Irish. They are 8-0 because that the first time since 2012, when they continued to be undefeated until being routed through Alabama in the BCS national title game.

Notre Dame had actually 584 yards of total offense together it expanded its prominence in the oldest constant intersectional rivalry to 78-13-1.


Notre Dame running ago Dexter Williams, center, scores a touchdown versus Navy Saturday in san Diego. (Gregory Bull/AP)

Playing in san Diego because that the very first time, Notre Dame offered its premium size and also talent to take a 27-0 command just before halftime. When the defense preserved Navy’s triple alternative in check, publication was remarkably efficient as he maintained the Midshipmen off-balance with several play-action. He completed 27 the 33 passes, to 10 receivers. That threw one interception.

Book, from El Dorado Hills close to Sacramento, enhanced to 5-0 due to the fact that replacing Brandon Wimbush together the starter. Book threw touchdown overcome of 4 and 22 yards to top receiver mile Boykin in the second half.

Navy (2-6), which shed its fifth straight, finally damaged through once Zach Abey had two 1-yard touchdown operation in the 3rd quarter. Publication was intercepted at an early stage in the fourth quarter, setting up a 33-yard touchdown run by Mike Martin.


Notre Dame quarterback Ian Book, right, breaks totally free from marine linebacker Evan Fochtman, below, throughout the Saturday video game in mountain Diego. (Gregory Bull/AP)

The Fighting Irish gained off come an inauspicious start as soon as Boykin fumbled at the end of a 12-yard get on the an initial play indigenous scrimmage. Marine failed come capitalize, and Notre Dame score on four of that is next five possessions. Armstrong had a 1-yard scoring run, and Williams then had actually touchdown operation of 12, 9 and 2 yards. Williams brought 23 times.

Navy came in 3rd in the nation with 309.4 yards rushing every game and had 292 versus Notre Dame. Malcolm Perry had actually 133 yards top top 12 carries.

The game, which attracted a group of 63,626 come SDCCU Stadium, was advocated by the san Diego Bowl video game Association.


Navy quarterback Garret Lewis tries to beat Notre Dame in san Diego. (Gregory Bull/AP)

Notre Dame: after rallying come beat Pitt and save your season, the Fighting Irish had a week turn off to prepare because that Navy’s triple option. The showed, as the Midshipmen no able to gain anything going till the second half, once they were method behind.

Navy: The Midshipmen dropped to 3-5 in mountain Diego. This was the very first time they play an enemy of Notre Dame"s caliber here. The Midshipmen to be 1-0 in the holiday Bowl, 2-2 in the now-defunct Poinsettia Bowl and 0-2 versus San Diego State.


Notre Dame protective lineman Khalid Kareem look at on during the game against Navy on Saturday in mountain Diego.(Gregory Bull/AP)

Notre Dame access time Northwestern ~ above Saturday.

Navy returns to American strong Conference play Saturday at Cincinnati.


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