Frontman Robert Smith created “Lovesong” together a wedding current for his bride-to-be mary Poole in 1988.“Lovesong” to be the second UK and 3rd US single from Disintegration, The… check out More 
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Whenever I'm alone through youYou make me feel choose I am residence againWhenever I'm alone with youYou make me feel favor I am entirety againWhenever I'm alone with youYou make me feel choose I am young againWhenever I'm alone through youYou make me feel choose I am funny againHowever far awayI will always love youHowever lengthy I stayI will always love youWhatever words ns sayI will constantly love youI will always love you(Fly me come the moon)
Whenever I'm alone v youYou make me feel like I am free againWhenever I'm alone v youYou make me feel choose I am clean againHowever much awayI will constantly love youHowever long I stayI will constantly love youWhatever words i sayI will constantly love youI will always love you
Frontman Robert Smith composed “Lovesong” as a wedding existing for his bride-to-be mary Poole in 1988.

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“Lovesong” was the second UK and 3rd US single from Disintegration, The Cure’s eighth studio album, and also is the band’s highest possible charting single in the joined States, getting to #2 in late 1989.

Despite the song’s substantial success, Smith has actually mixed feelings around the track. He expresses satisfaction in lastly feeling comfortable sufficient to compose a simple love song and also feels the song keeps Disintegration from having only one atmosphere – presumably “gloom”. However, he called it the weakest song on the album and expressed disappointment the it was the band’s breakthrough solitary in the US.

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In 2004, Robert smith told Rolling Stone:

I composed ‘Love Song’ for Mary, mine wife, as a wedding present, and I put it ~ above the album to be sort of romantic. I believed it was the weakest song on there, and suddenly it saw Number 2 in America. The was preserved off the optimal by, like, Janet Jackson. Ns thought, ‘Of every the songs I’d written, this is the one that … cracks through.’ the was quite disappointing.

Smith common in 1989:

That one song, ns think, hinges the entirety Disintegration album and makes many world think twice. If that tune wasn’t top top the record, itwould be really easy to dismiss the album as having actually a details mood. Yet throwing the one in kind of upsets human being a bit since they think, ‘This doesn’t fit.’ that taken me 10 years to reach the suggest where i feel comfortable singinga really straightforward love song. In the past,I’ve constantly felt a last-minute must disguise the sentiments or put a twisted on them. The actually among the most challenging songs I’ve had actually to sing. That an open show of emotion. It’s not trying to be clever. And also it’s difficult to do due to the fact that you run the hazard of being laughed in ~ .I realized the while us were record it.

In 1991, Smith shared his opinion of the song’s music video:

I to be disappointed v the video. The idea was of a fairy cave going ~ above forever, yet it looked an extremely cramped and posed. The opening shot is terrible, this lingering shooting of a huge phallus that renders no pretensions to be a stalagmite in ~ all.

Keyboardist roger O"Donnell when shared:

The biggest surprise the the album to be the success the “Lovesong”. We didn’t also play that on the europe leg the the tour (according come my very reliable sources we did in truth start playing it ~ above the last couple of main of the europe tour). And also (manager & document label owner) kris Parry fought versus all of united state to obtain it exit (as a single). Ns remember over there being really heated discussions around it being released. Us didn’t really favor it the much, and it went on come the be the many successful solitary in the band’s history.

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Keyboardist i get it O"Donnell explained:

We hadn’t planned to do any an ext videos however then “Lovesong” to be released (as a single) and did fine in America. And in the break in between the Euro and US legs of the tour we were compelled to go earlier into the studio and also shoot it. Anyone was really grumpy around this. We all hated the song and also didn’t desire it released, and also time turn off was also very beneficial at this stage. The initial idea to be to shoot that in Cheddar Gorge, a group of amazing caves in western England. Yet of course they weren’t as well keen on having their caves trampled end by a bunch of weird looking music people, so the caves were recreated in a studio in London. The arts director Richard (Earl) did an exceptional job and it was all made out of polystyrene and plaster. I have actually one the the stalagmites in mine studio. The ideal thing around this shoot for me was that I was in my own cave away from the others and also as quickly as they had actually shot my bits I might leave! i think that video clip has a good look to it and also another Tim Pope triumph.