“And every That could Have Been”, the seventh track on Still, is a leftover track from The delicate sessions, and also the only new non-instrumental track on the album.It might be one… read More 

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Breeze tho carries the soundMaybe I'll disappearTracks will fade in the snowYou won't uncover me hereIce is beginning to formEnding what had actually begunI to be locked in my headWith what I've doneI recognize you tried to rescue meDidn't permit anyone acquire inLeft with a map of all the wasAnd all that might have beenPleaseTake thisAnd run far awayFar away from meI am taintedThe 2 of usWere never meant to beAll these piecesAnd promisesAnd left-behindsIf just I might seeIn mine nothingYou meant everythingEverything to me

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Gone, fadingEverythingAnd every thatCould have actually beenCould have beenPleaseTake thisAnd run much awayFar as you can seeI am taintedAnd happinessAnd peace-of-mindWere never meant because that meAll these piecesAnd promisesAnd left-behindsIf only I can seeIn mine nothingYou expected everythingEverything come me
“And all That could Have Been”, the seventh track on Still, is a leftover monitor from The Fragile sessions, and also the only brand-new non-instrumental monitor on the album.

It might be among NIN’s most complicated songs regarding time signature, as the verses room in 7/4, the choruses in 4/4, and part of the bridge in 6/8.

Softly falling rain, ongoing from the finish of “The job the world Went Away”, begins the song, shortly joined through quiet atmospheric synthesizers play sustained, ascending notes. This lead right into the very first verse, a still-quiet 7/4 mix of soft electric guitars and also Reznor’s melodic vocals. The verse gives means to a quiet, instrumental bridge whereby bass guitar and piano sign up with in, playing the melody and chord sequence from the orgasm of “The good Below” in 4/4. A 2nd verse, again in 7/4, interrupts this bridge through a go back to the city guitars, vocals, and also icy percussion loops. After reaching right into his higher vocal variety for the second half of this verse, Reznor sings the 4/4 chorus in a lower, an ext up-front and also talkative voice, donate by a new guitar riff, picked bass, and also drum loops focal on the toms. A second bridge follows, presented by a solitary delayed electrical guitar riff, then louder great of strumming guitar and also bass with a brand-new lead melody in 6/8, then a return to the 7/4 verse etc riff atmospheres, during which Reznor quiet sings sporadic words, building in volume and emotion till the native “… can have been” lead into an instrumental reiteration of the chorus. After to sing a different incarnation that the chorus, Reznor’s vocals give means to a higher-register return that the melody from the very first 4/4 leg of the song beneath the chorus, v all instruments stopping in ~ the finish of the final bar, leaving a far-off echo that conveniently fades away.