Introducing the Hyperchase Basketball Shoe for Playmakers prefer James Harden

February 10, 2015


Basketball footwear architecture requires obsessive fist to footwork. Both the lateral and vertical nature the the game requires pair of shoes engineered because that the specific movements that hoops.

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With All-Star guard James Harden as the muse, designer Tony Hardman it is intended the Hyperchase, constructed for dynamic performance and also inspired by sleek, modern-day fighter jets. The asymmetrical design, dynamic Flywire and also hexagonal traction sample all work together in this low profile, striking silhouette.


James Harden’s footwork is taken into consideration best-in-class, and separates his video game from many of basketball’s elite. Together the league’s leading scorer at 27 points every game, his fast forefoot shuffling enables him come create an are and placed defenders on your heels. At times it looks like the All-Star is dancing through his adversaries at the optimal of the vital and his Eurosteps hypnotize defenders.


With Harden’s footwork and dynamic motions in mind, Hardman design the Hyperchase to provide the MVP candidate the ideal solution for the season’s 2nd half. The Hyperchase is built to provide instant responsiveness and also quick movements without slippage. The Swoosh angle on the shoe is deliberately positioned to check out accurately once an athlete, like Harden, is on their toes – a place that’s usual for quick, dynamic athletes.


“What excites me most around the Hyperchase is it permits me to jab and also cut with no distractions,” stated Harden. “It offers me the support and also traction tailored to mine footwork.”

The Hyperchase combines three vital performance elements: organic motion, forefoot lockdown and also dynamic traction:

The Hyperchase upper is made with two-layers of mesh and also strategically put overlays because that flexibility and support. That incorporates under layers of product for lightweight comfort.

Flywire an innovation on the lateral forefoot integrates with the laces for dynamic lockdown; solid cables loosen and also tighten with the herbal motion the the foot.

Asymmetrical design enables the shoe to move intuitively through the foot with much more surface area top top the lateral side for better containment and stability as soon as cutting from side to side.

Partial bootie do of mesh improves breathability and provides a comfortable fit.


The Hyperchase has actually an asymmetrical architecture which permits the shoe to move intuitively v the foot.

A lightweight drop-in midsole insert offers lightweight cushioning the sits reduced internally for remarkable stability.

The low-profile Phylon midsole wraps up on the heel and lateral forefoot for lockdown fit and also lateral stability.

The flexible rubber outsole gives durability top top a selection of surfaces.

Hexagonal pattern provides excellent traction for multidirectionalmovement.

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The Hyperchase will be obtainable beginning Feb. 12 at and select retail locations. The inaugural colorway is customized for Harden together he competes in brand-new York City versus the game’s elite on Feb. 15.