The Nike Basketball 2016 every Star Collection will certainly be highlighted with the release of the Nike LeBron 13, Nike Kobe 11, Nike KD 8 and the Nike Kyrie 2.

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In enhancement to the Nike Basketball athletes signatures shoes, there is also special execution of the Nike air Max Audacity for Anthony Davis and also the Nike HyperLive for Paul George.

Representing the East and West, respectively, each will showcase pinnacle power shoes influenced by the city’s imperial origins. Decorative badges commemorate separation, personal, instance player success while metal, leather and also embroidery further embellish the limited-edition footwear.

Check the end the whole Nike Basketball 2016 all Star Collection and look because that them to release on Thursday, February 11th, 2016 at select Nike Basketball retail stores, consisting of

You’ll be able to see each athlete rock their All-Star shoes during the 2016 NBA All-Star game in Toronto on Sunday, February 14th.

Nike Basketball 2016 All-Star CollectionFebruary 11, 2016

UPDATE: because of Kyrie Irving not making being voted for the 2016 NBA All-Star Game, Nike has determined to not launch the Nike Kyrie 2 “All-Star” ~ above Friday with the rest of the collection. But Nike walk state that they will release in ~ a later day – i m sorry we’ll save you update with.

Nike Kobe 11 upstream “All-Star”

A sleek black color upper v a glowing environment-friendly pop is a nod to the luminescence of the north Lights. Distinctive molded leather detailing ~ above the heel and tongue provides the Kobe 11 brand-new dimensionality.



Nike wait Audacity “All-Star”

The air Audacity bring the strength of “The Brow” to the court, complete with a heathered textile upper and also an embroidered crest information on the tongue.



Nike KD 8 “All-Star”

Modern blocking, inspired by the standard look of flags spotted throughout Toronto that stand for the city’s internationalism, bring a fresh graphic twist come the KD8’s Flyweave upper. Removable patches adorn the heel and tongue, and also a white and also light blue marble graphic, which referrals Toronto’s icy winter weather, decorates the outsole.

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Nike Hyperlive “All-Star”

Paul George will certainly make his 4th All-Star appearance in this distinct Hyperlive player-edition shoe, through a interlocutor Canadian-red upper, maple-inspired gum outsole and also leaf basketball logo. The shoes is recognized for that low-profile silhouette and lockdown support.



Nike LeBron 13 “All-Star”

The LeBron 13 attributes a grey-green top — reminiscent of the neutral tones that Toronto’s winter — through graphic blocking similar to the KD8. An icy, marbled impact covers the outsole heels that James’s video game shoe if pins honor the player’s on-court triumphs.